Glass stuck in your palm? Here's what you should do.

In the course of the day, your hands are subjected to a lot of abuse. You might be caring for them on a regular basis but accidents do happen, sometimes. 
Like for example, you topple a glass jar/expensive crockery set inadvertently and in a frantic bid to gather the scattered fragments, glass pieces get stuck in your palm.
In such a case, don’t panic and tug and pull the pieces out—this might lodge the minuscule pieces even deeper into the skin.

Just stay cool and follow this bit of advice:

Very gently and cautiously, pull out the big pieces. You could even use tweezers to pull out few small pieces. 
For the remaining tiny shards, run your pierced palm under water, alternating between hot and cold. The water will clean most of it, but the alternation between hot and cold will expand and contract your skin and squeeze out the shards. 
Then apply an antiseptic lotion
Follow a similar method for your soles when you accidentally trip over glass debris. But if the pieces have worked pretty deep into the skin and this procedure didn't succeed in dislodging all the fragments, play safe and seek medical assistance at the earliest to avoid further complications.

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  1. Sarita10:46 AM

    Some of my guys swear by a pair of there wives nylons, rubbing them one way, the catch the webbing and pull out. I have used rubbing alcohol to open the pours. Good luck its nasty stuff!


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