Lipliner tips

woman applying lipliner Get your lip liner facts right! Tips from a well-known aesthetician:

* Pick a liner that matches your lips and not your lipstick – it’s more natural and won’t leave the dreaded ring when lipstick starts fading.

* Don’t apply liner all the way to the corners of your mouth; stick to the area that need definition; like the bow and the lower arch.

* Never ever line glossed lips – it will never look natural.

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    If what you are striving for is a soft and natural-looking touch to your lips, it is the best solution to use a nude lip liner which will not supply additional color, but will still provide the necessary accent on the lip line. If you decide to use a brighter shade, brown and rose pink lip liner should be at your disposal as they present the opposite poles and encompass the gamut of makeup colors in terms of compatibility. But be careful not to cross the boundary where you will start to look unnatural or aggressive, unless this is specifically the effect you are striving for.

  2. Beauty expert9:04 AM

    To alter the shape of your mouth, line your lips with a beige pencil

  3. Vandana10:20 AM

    Thanks for sharing that :) I’ll check it out for sure.


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