Shaeyes Herbal Kohl pencil: review

Kajal or a kohl pencil is usually used to line the inner rim of the eyes. I have used several kohl pencils but by far I have found Shaeyes Herbal Kohl Eyeliner to be the best.

It’s a flower based eye kohl containing Triphala, almond oil and other precious herbs. The flower extracts help to relax the eyes while the pure almond oil encourages the growth of luxuriant eyelashes, it claims.

Moreover, according to Ayurveda, Triphala helps in maintaining and improving vision. Don’t know if it lives to its promise of promoting eyelash growth as I am not a regular kajal user, but what I have found is after you apply it, you do experience a cooling sensation around your eye area.

It comes in a lipstick kind of tube and I apply it along my lower lashline in one swipe. The color is quite intense (dark) as compared to other kohl pencils.

It adheres easily to the lashline and stays for several hours without smudging. But results may vary from person to person.

So if you need to reapply it after a few hours, it’s not a messy affair, I mean it doesn’t upset your other eyemakeup. You can even use it to line your upper lashline.

It can be easily removed with any eyemakeup remover and moist cotton wool, though it’s recommended that you should use Shacleanse And definitely, you can use it daily. But in case of irritation discontinue its use.

shaeyes Shaeyes Herbal Kohl Eyeliner
Ingredients: Triphala Oil Ext., Camphor (Camphora officinarum) 1.0%, Almond Oil 2.0%, Castor oil (Arandi Tel) (Ricinus communis) 25.0%, Bees Wax 3.0%, Others, Base q.s.

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  1. Pradnya10:22 AM

    Hey Aparna

    Thanks 4 this post...
    i wear lenses and i always wanted something like this

  2. Giridhar11:42 AM

    My wife is fond of such products and your site is going to be her favorite. I am sure that she already has a few products from this range of products.

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    wow wonderful ... I ll definitely try this.

  4. I'm def. interested to try this! Thanks for the review

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    The review was informative.

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    thanks for sharing this!! Now I'm going to have to give this a try and see what my husband says!! LOL!! Love your blog, btw

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    hey thanks =] i'll definitely try this out!

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  10. Hey I would just love using this Eye pencil..I'm fed up using my older one...


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