June 11, 2009

Roopgarva Face pack : Review

I happened to use Roopgarva Face pack from Gayatri Herbals and quite liked it. With a unique blend of pure herbs such as neem, tulsi (basil), jesthmadh etc and the wonderful multani mitti that removes the dirt and grime from the skin, it makes your facial skin look thoroughly cleansed and glowing. Good for oily, acne-prone skins and in summers.


Roopgarva face pack

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  1. Arundhati11:15 AM

    Very good article. I often read your post often, but this has made me thank you very much.

  2. Vanamala11:44 AM

    Great blog and awesome information. Thank You.

  3. Very informative .Thanks

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  5. Aasha8:52 AM

    This one is definitely on my to-try list.

  6. Avantika8:55 AM

    Good to know ! I will to try them myself

  7. Phalguni12:28 PM

    Sounds like it is worth trying

  8. Karuna9:46 AM

    I have not used it yet, but I have a sample and plan on trying it soon.


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