Should you wear glasses to earn respectability?

Should you forget about contact lenses or laser eye surgery/ LASIK and switch over to good old glasses instead? Do you feel that people will start taking you seriously if your wear glasses? Can glasses do something to your ordinary looks and help you earn more respectability?

Anyone can look good by choosing the right type of spectacle frames, say the Oogmerk opticians. To make spectacle wearing popular, they have come up with an interesting ad “Get the respect you deserve.” While  you may disapprove of the way some people and professions are portrayed in these ads, you will surely agree with me that these ads are quite creative, fresh and different. Take a look. It will certainly make you smile.


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  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    In all honesty, it's only an illusion. You can be as dumb as a rock, wear glasses and walk into a place exuding "smart confidence" but once you open your mouth, it's all over. I don't feel that glasses add any more intellect or respectability to anyone. It's more about your attitude and the way you carry yourself. I have prescription glasses that I hate to wear, so I opt for contacts. I can get jobs and as much attention as I want from the people I want because of the way I speak and carry myself. Not because of my glasses :)

  2. You are right. :)


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