An MP3 player which cures acne

You have zits all over your face and desperately yearn for a clear complexion. You also love listening to music. Then this is the gadget that will fulfill both your needs. A Tokyo based company has come up with a weird MP3 player which claims to zap pimples instantly. According to this source, it’s a pretty ordinary 1.2-ounce mpion MP3 player that holds only 128MB of music (approx 20 mins), but promises to clear your face of zits while pumping melodious tunes into your ears. Apparently, you have to touch the device to the offending area as you listen to tunes, flip the switch to minus, and hold for 5-10 minutes. Allegedly, the negative ions open pores and replenish moisture. Then you have to flip it to positive and hold to reduce oil and close your pores back up. The price is rather steep and it costs around 21000 yen, which works out to about $185.

Does this gadget actually work on pimples? Absolutely, no idea.

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  1. Pimples or acne is an internal problem. It is due to excess of testosterone. There is little effect in treating it topically. It may work temporary, but not for long time

  2. Acne vulgaris, or acne, is a common skin disorder with an estimated 80 percent of all people between the ages of 11 and 30 years old experiencing outbreaks at some point. Acne treatment depends on whether a patient has a mild, moderate, or severe form. Fortunately, acne is also one of the most treatable skin conditions once a physician and patient find an appropriate product and dosage.


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