Do depressed women wear too much perfume?

woman smelling perfumeWhile some women simply can’t stand strong smelling perfumes or are allergic to it, others simply can’t do without spritzing a generous amount of it on their bodies. Wearing excessive perfumes might be a personal preference but if some studies are to be believed, this could also signify a depressed state of mind in some women. Yes, you heard it right. Wearing strong scented perfumes has a link with depression. A depressed state of mind wreaks havoc on the human body to the extent of even affecting the olfactory nerves and bringing about a loss in our sense of smell, say the researchers at Tel Aviv. That’s why depressed women are found to doll up with too much of perfume to overcompensate for their reduced sense of smell. Depression also makes some men to slap on too much cologne, they adwoman smellign aromatherapy oild.

Dr Shoenfeld who is conducting the research says that loss of weight is one of the first signs of depression. And as it also has a bearing on your sense of smell, you don't eat enough food because you don't enjoy it. If you don't eat, you lose weight." He goes on to add that people who are depressed seem to respond well to aromatherapy. Certain smells seem to help them overcome the effects of the biological factors, suggesting that depression may have a biological cause.

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  1. This is interesting. I believe there is definitely validity to the claims -- just have never seen it published in a study.

    When you think about all of the synthetic and toxic chemical substances used to manufacture perfume it makes sense that those wearing especially heavy amounts will be affected in some physical, mental or emotional way.

    Since I've discovered PURE essential oils, I haven't even used perfume. That has made me even more sensitive to the effects perfume has on a person when I'm in the presence of those wearing even moderate amounts.

  2. Personally I don't like wearing perfumes. Just can't stand strong scents.

  3. I always love perfume and have huge collections of it. Usage of them depends on my mood but when I am depressed, I often use less of them.

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