Black pepper may cure vitiligo

Black pepper (Kali Mirch), a highly valued kitchen ingredient when sprinkled over bland tasting dishes not just adds punch to them but has amazing health benefits as well. If you go through one of the previous posts, you will know how to make the best use of this spice to treat minor ailments and upsets like coughs, toothaches, indigestion, loss of appetite, bloating and flatulence, pains and even to dry out pimples and deal with skin disorders like eczema. pepper

Speaking of skin disorders, it has been recently found that this wonder-spice can cure a skin disease vitiligo. Actually, Vitiligo/Leucoderma is a condition in which areas of skin lose their normal pigments and turn white. National Vitiligo Foundation elaborates: “Patients with vitiligo develop white spots in the skin that vary in size and location. The spots occur when pigment cells, or melanocytes, are destroyed and the pigment melanin can no longer be produced.” Researchers at King’s college in London carried out a study and found that piperine – a compound that gives black pepper its spicy, pungent flavor – can stimulate the skin to produce this pigment. Topical treatments with piperine combined with UV radiation were found to significantly enhance the pigmentation with results that were cosmetically better than conventional vitiligo therapies. Moreover, as vitiligo is a highly visible disease that greatly affects patients psychologicallvitiligoy and emotionally, any breakthrough in treatments of this disease is most welcome, says Nina Goad, of the British Association of Dermatologists.

It is assumed that vitiligo affects at least 1% of the population. About half of the people who develop this skin disorder experience some pigment loss before the age of 20, and about one third of all Vitiligo patients say that other family members also have this condition. A combination of genetic, immunologic and neurogenic factors is of major importance in most cases. Many people report pigment loss shortly after a severe sunburn. Others relate the onset of Vitiligo to emotional trauma associated with an accident, death in the family, divorce, etc. More info…

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  1. I am 100% agree with you that that the tropical treatment is suitable for the treatment of skin disorder.I think tropical treatment is best because it is effective, easy to use, easily available,has not side effect.I say this on the basis of seccess stories of the people which get cure agaist their skin disorder which i found on the vitiligo site.

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    As regards Cure in vitiligo, Different people use the term »Cure« in different context. Some use this term for complete eradication of illness from the body, while others are concerned only with re-pigmentation of the existing spots.
    If you mean complete eradication of the disease from you system, that is a tricky matter. Vitiligo results from a derangement of your normal defense mechanisms against infection. The body starts producing antibodies against pigment producing cells of its own skin. No definite causes are known, and so are the remedies. This is a generalized abnormality of your immune system, and there are currently no acceptable permanent means to halt this process.
    The damage to pigment producing cells manifests as patches of skin, which have reduced, or no pigment. This is what bothers you, us and every one else.
    You cannot cure or halt it, but you can manage the local manifestations (white patches) using topical or oral treatments.
    If you disease is not widespread, and is limited you can go for a topical treatment. The one I used and found beneficial is the once form where I got this material

  3. Suresh9:25 AM

    I think that is true because in my child hood black pepper was used for boils.

    Extract application on skin also has therapeutic effect and oral use of the same is good for skin texture as per “Charak”

  4. Nandish9:29 AM

    its great news that there might be a cure through black pepper finally. Ive waited so many years to hear some progress for a cure for Vitiligo.

  5. SMRITI9:31 AM

    I like your post. I have strong belief that the herbal treatment is best for vitiligo because it is economic, easy to use and has no side effect.

  6. Anonymous9:39 AM

    black pepper is better for pigmentation disorder vitiligo but you have to expose your affected areas to uv light to utilize the benefits of piperine.

  7. Vinod8:30 PM

    Can anybody tell me where can i find Black Pepper Oil in Mumbai, i have white patches since last 14 years an i want to get it cured,

    waiting for soonest reply at

  8. Anonymous12:42 AM

    I used white pepper with water and made a paste
    then a regular infrared bulb to shine on it for
    about 15 minues. Seems to be helping and it is
    day. I wash off after a half hour or so.

  9. Sumitra9:22 AM

    Mix turmeric powder and mustard oil. Apply this mixture over the body for a period of 1 year.

  10. Salman9:23 AM

    The juice of the leaves of the holy basil and lime is also a very effective remedy against vitiligo.

  11. Shripriya8:50 AM

    Vitiligo or leukoderma, a much common–genetic-autoimmune skin disease, results in the irregular white patches on the skin emerged due to the loss of pigments.

  12. Shekhar8:51 AM

    Another treatment for the cure of white spots on skin is exposure to sunlight for long durations of time or artificial phototherapy. Cells that are responsible for pigmentation become active when the skin if exposed to light.

  13. Jatin9:03 AM

    This is with reference to ur article which was found to be too informative & useful.Actually i have been suffering frm vitiligo for last 7 yrs Though i have already a undergone so many treatments like aurvedic or homepathy but falied to overcome this disease.Actually white patches r visible on my legs morover thre is no ancestral history of this disease in my family.... i am quite frustrated abt this disease as this is considered to be social stigma...

  14. Ambika2:08 PM

    To get permanent cure you must see a 'Homeopath' who practice classic homeopathy. It will take a bit of time but homeopathy can help you out. trust me for this

  15. Thank you so much this insight was very helpful I've had Vitiligo since the age of 23 and I am now 37.


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