Back-injury preventing techniques followed while lifting heavy objects may not be effective

carrying heavy objectsBack-pain is a bothersome problem which affects almost all age groups. And it’s often triggered when we move or lift exceptionally heavy objects. All the while we keep on hearing the goody-goody advice on how to keep the spine straight and to bend at the knees while lifting such objects as these techniques do not strain the back muscles. But does it actually help? Maybe not, claims a new study.

Researchers now say these habits may not be particularly effective in preventing backaches or back injuries as was previously thought. There seems to be no evidence that these techniques work. A study was conducted on 18000 manual workers where they were divided into two groups. One group was trained and they scrupulously followed the supposed back-strain preventing techniques while lifting heavy weights while the other group didn’t. The findlifting heavy objectsings of the study didn’t show any marked difference in back pains or back injuries sustained by the two groups. Dr Verbeek says, “The techniques themselves, which include advice to bend the knees and keep a straight back, don't appear to improve the chances of preventing back pain or disability. The best and the most effective way to prevent back injury is to avoid lifting such heavy objects or find a better, safer way to get the job done.”

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