Tips To Get The Naturally Straight Hair Look

Naturally straight, non-frizzy hair is often looked upon with envy and jealousy and people especially girls often wish that they could acquire those long silky perfectly straight hair as well. However, some are blessed with it naturally while some have to make substantial efforts to get them. 
No matter what your hair quality or texture is you need not worry as there are many options that can help you groom your hair without spending a fortune.

If you are a nature lover and prefer looking after your health the natural way instead of opting for synthetic chemical products to fulfill your hair dreams and goals, then you can easily do that and style your hair perfectly product-free. 
You wouldn’t your hairstyle to look fake and plastic either with the excessive use of hairspray or gel. You just need to take care of your hair with ultimate gentleness. Do you think hair straightening brush could do the needful? Read on to discover that it can be as simple as that.


Wash and caress

After taking a shower, your hair is naturally dripping with water and that is the best time to coax your hair into the style you want it to be. Combing your hair when they are wet tends to align your ruffed up frizzy ends and also prevents them from getting entangled. 
Divide your hair into sections as per your hair volume and pull each section for a few seconds to allow them to relax and straighten out.

Yes! It goes unsaid that curly hair cannot instantly be straightened this simply but you can always look for alternatives like a straightening brush that will bring the necessary changes in your hair to get the straight hair look for a party instantly. 
Trust me it is something with a high demand in the market as people with curly hair often prefer a change and what can give them instant satisfaction than an everyday tool like a brush. You can even do the following with your wet hair:
  • Wrap your hair tightly into pony pigtails while they are wet. These pigtails should ideally start at the nape of your neck. You can even wrap elastic bands at intervals along the length. Don’t strangle them too ruthlessly lest you may damage the hair as it dries.
  • Twist your hair into a bun. For this purpose you need to have obediently straight hair in the first place. Tie up your damp hair into a pony tail and then secure it into a bun style.


Avoid too much heat or chemical usage

Often people opt for hair straightening irons that may damage the texture and chemical composition of your hair. Your hair may even get physically burned and lose their health, suppleness, softness and silkiness which you definitely don’t want at the cost of your straight hair. Use water instead as a legitimate hair straightening tool.

Human hair is sensitive to heat because of the presence of keratin proteins and hydrogen bonds that get disrupted when they are exposed to excessive heat. 
They rob your hair off the natural luster and shine as the heat styling tool changes your hair texture to make them look straight. You should be really careful to adjust the temperature when using a heating iron to straighten your hair.

(Contributed by Christine Rudolph)

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