5 Makeup Tips You Might Actually Be Doing Wrong

Most women use makeup to enhance their natural features and feel confident in their own skin. From eyeshadow to lip liner, there are different types of makeup that are often applied incorrectly. To ensure that you look your best and can apply each product well, there are a few mistakes to avoid with the process.

1. Not Prepping Correctly

Don’t apply makeup on a face that hasn’t been washed and properly moisturized with primer. Taking this step will keep your skin hydrated and smooth throughout the day.

 Failure to prepare before applying makeup often leads to blocked pores and breakouts. Wait a few minutes for the moisturizer to dry before applying your foundation.

2. Apply Blush Too Low

Some women are prone to applying blush too low on their face, which can become the focal point on the skin and will do anything but enhance your cheekbones or facial structure.

Pucker your lips and apply the blush on the edge of the bottom of your cheekbone to ensure that it's used in the right place. This will prevent your face from dragging downward and from looking overdone.

3. Using a Sponge to Apply Foundation 

It’s a common habit to apply foundation with fingers or a sponge, which can cause the product to appear caked on and uneven.

Instead, you'll need to use a brush from a cosmetic company like City Color Cosmetics to create a finish that appears more natural. Brushes are easier to navigate across the face and won't soak up the product compared to sponges.

4. Contouring with Too Many Products

Contouring the face is an effective way of creating a three-dimensional look that slims your features and allows your bone structure to stand out. Unfortunately, a common mistake is using too many products with the process.

This can cause there to be brown and orange streaks across the face. Instead, stick to only using a matte bronzer, which should be lightly swept across the deepest parts of your face.

5. Shaping Your Eyebrows With a Pencil

Brow pencils are a popular item to use to fill in bare parts of the eyebrow and allow them to look bold with an arch that is often created.

Although brow pencils are effective at drawing more attention to your eyebrows, they can also create an artificial shape and look to your appearance. Opt for using an eyebrow brush and apply eyeshadow while blending it in.

You may feel confident once you apply your makeup each morning, but it doesn't mean that you're using your cosmetics correctly. By correcting a few mistakes that you've learned, you can enhance your natural features and look even more beautiful to ensure that each product draws more attention to your face with the right application method.

(Contributed by Meghan Belnap)

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