10 Unconventional Workouts To Slim Your Waist


Does this make me look fat?

This time honored question has been plaguing females for decades. This little insecurity hides deep inside our psyche, waiting to rear it’s ugly head at all the worst times. Typically, whispering the loudest when we are trying on a new outfit, preparing for an upcoming special event, or contemplating swimsuit season. Suddenly, we are analyzing every bulge and wiggle, stretch mark or muffin top, in a tiny room filled with mirrors.

Thankfully, we can learn to silence that nasty voice with positive affirmations by taking matters into our own hands. We have a variety of resources and information at our fingertips to help us slim our waists for good without having to rely on our grandmother’s corsets or waist training ensembles. 
By simply eating whole foods, drinking adequate water amounts, and implementing workouts that slim our middles, we can overcome self doubt and be empowered to live a healthy lifestyle.

10 Unconventional Workouts for Toning Our Waists

The following workouts can help us get in shape and slim our waists:

Vacuum It. 

Thankfully, this workout doesn’t involve housework. When we vacuum our stomachs, we are strengthening the TVA, transverse abdominis, deep within our abdomen. 
 Simply lay flat on our backs and suck in the navel as if we were pushing it toward the spine. Hold this pose for 15 seconds and release. Do another 2 reps. 
As stamina increases, hold each rep for 60 seconds! Besides a smaller midsection, exercising this muscle can reduce back pain.


It’s no secret that laughter has many health benefits, but an hour of hearty laughing is surprisingly comparable to hitting the gym and lifting weights for 30 minutes. Some communities have laughing classes available, or you can take advantage of laughter while watching that new comedy series or having a great night out with friends!


Pilates offers us the ability to slim our waists by stretching and targeting our cores. Take a few minutes every workout to incorporate a few moves, like the Pilates saw, to target those hard to tone sides of our bellies.


Yes, growing and maintaining a patch of vegetables and fruit can be considered exercise. As we till, bend, pull, dig, and harvest we are toning muscles. 
A recent study found that many gardening tasks actually qualify as moderate or high-intensity workouts. An added benefit, we can fuel our bodies on nutritious foods without questioning how they were raised!


Dancing is a great form of cardio exercise to get our heart rates elevated and burn fat, plus it builds strength while increasing coordination and balance. We can sign up for a class, buy a Just Dance video game, or hit the dance floor with our friends to slim our waists and have fun in the process.

Mixed Martial Arts. 

This goes beyond the “wax on, wax off” image many of us have stored in the recesses of our minds. This exercise is built on multiple martial arts disciplines ranging from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to muay Thai. 
This workout regime is effective at increasing metabolism, balance, coordination, and strength. Plus, we are learning how to defend ourselves.

Power Up Technology. 

Utilize step counters or a Fitbit to motivate us to walk to a slimmer waist. Another possibility to consider is the popular Pokemon Go app. Download the game and get into the spirit of hunting Pokemon while walking. We will get fresh air, meet new people, and make technology work for us.


Hula Hooping. 

Hula hooping isn’t just for children. In fact, it the trendy new way for people to slim down while defining and toning core muscles. Ten minutes of hula hooping allows us to burn 100 calories and tap into our inner child!

Functional Fitness. 

This workout relies on using more of our own bodyweight to strengthen, tone, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Suspension training programs, which requires a system of ropes and pulleys, is a prime example of using this principal. The overall goal is to strengthen and allow users to function better everyday.

Circuit Training

This workout is like “speed dating” at the gym. Instead of spending an hour at the gym, you will be in and out in less than 20 minutes. Everyday you focus on specific moves, often only doing them for short 40 second intervals and taking 20 second breaks in between as you move onto the next rotation.

What exercises or workouts do you use to slim your waist?

Bio; Cassie Brewer is a health professional in Southern California. In her free time, she enjoys writing about her passion (healthy lifestyle of course!) and everything beauty related. Nothing makes her happier than helping other be the best version of themselves they can be. You can read more at cassiebrewer.weebly.com and follow her on twitter @Cassiembrewer

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  1. Yoga Teacher4:38 PM

    Do some cardio. Don't listen to all those SOB workouts to get a smaller waist! If you look at the videos, the don't have small waists themselves! They are rectangular looking and stuff!

    Those workouts add muscle in those areas which doesn't slim down the waist at all, it'll firm the fat or skin there and it'll be almost impossible to get rid of that muscle. What you need to do is cardio. Cardio melts off fat without adding muscle. So it'll melt away the fat on the sides, front and back of your stomach to reveal your real waistline. Cardio isn't a workout that focuses on a certain area it take s off all the fat anywhere there is. Don't worry it won't take off fat off your boobs unless your overweight and the fat in your chest and hips are just excess fat (fat that's not suppose to be there if your slim). Women are made of fat so your chest and hips won't change just your stomach and little on the thighs and your back

  2. Take healthy food and plenty of water
    Avoid junk/oily food, change your food habit.
    do exercise everyday including brisk.


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