Face Shape and Eyeglass Style: How to Pair the Two Attractively

Your face shape is part of who you are, but when you have to get eyeglasses, you must consider the shape of the frames just as you would sizes of clothing. Certain frame shapes emphasize facial features in different ways, so it’s important to keep in mind your facial shape when shopping for eyeglasses. Below is a list of facial shapes and the best shape of frames to get for each.


Oval-faced people have the easiest time finding a pair of glasses. Many styles suit their face, so select glasses based on preference. If there is a type of glasses to avoid, it is large frames. While large frames look nice, the frames can place emphasis on the oval shape in an unattractive way.


The aim for square faces is to soften the boxy appearance. The semi-rimless/half frame, cat-eye, and butterfly glasses reduce the sharp and pronounced lower half of the face. Equally acceptable choices are round and oval. The circular shapes contrast the square face for a softer finish.


Like square faces, round faces must focus on contrast for best results. Search for framed or rimless rectangular or square-shaped glasses to reduce the round appearance. Avoid half frames like semi-rimless or cat eye because it places emphasis on the round face like ovals and round frames do.


Heart-shaped faces have the hardest time finding the right pair of glasses. You should be safe with a cat eye frame; the cat-like edges on top offset the pronounced bottom half. Round and oval are work-against-type pairs of glasses softening the heart shape. The safest choice is rimless glasses; with no frames enhancing the glasses' shape, it blends in with the face perfectly. Mix round and rimless glasses for better results.


Equally known as 'long face,' oblong faces must select glasses to reduce the long appearance. Search for square or round large frames; small frames make faces longer. Aviator glasses are large frames that work just as well.


Triangle faces need weight at the forehead to balance the larger lower half (cheeks and chin). The cat eye decorations fill the top with enough advantage to balance out the bottom. It goes for semi-rimless, another great choice.

Inverted Triangle

Second to heart shapes, inverted triangles have difficulty finding glasses due to the forehead being larger than the rest of the face. Inverted triangles need less weight at the top and more at the bottom. The only frame types working well with the inverted triangle are the barely there rimless glasses and butterfly glasses.


The rarely seen diamond face needs to avoid glasses making cheeks appear larger, such as rectangular glasses. Find glasses with weight at the top to balance out the middle. Like heart shape, rimless glasses are the safest choice, as they blend in with the face. Oval and round frames work against the sharp middle and soften it. Cat-eye and semi-rimless glasses place extra advantage on top to balance out the large cheeks.

From old age to an unattractive appearance, the face looks worse with the wrong eyeglasses. The next time you get new eyeglasses from a place like Identity Optical, consider face shape to ensure you make the right choice for you. The results will balance out the face evenly, improving facial appearance.

(Contributed by Dixie Somers)

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  1. Reena7:27 PM

    If you have a round face, you want to balance it out and make it look more oval not heart shaped. You need a rectangle or square shaped glasses frame, maybe sightly rounded but not round. That or wayfarer pairs that are not too rounded, only slightly to still maintain their angular shape. Wayframes are flattering on all as long as you get more classic and not too rounded ones. Slight cat eyes or cat eyes can look good too depending on how rounded and your attitude/overall style

  2. Beena7:28 PM

    Round faces need a contrasting frame such as a straight or angular one. Make your face appear thinner by choosing a clear bridge over the nose, which widens the eyes. Go for a narrow frame which lengthens the face.


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