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One would say that the suit that makes a man, but this is not always true. On the contrary, it is the man that makes the suit. In other words, it is your choice of the fabrics, textures and colors only that will turn out to be either perfection or total disaster. One of the most important occasions, when your outfit seems to be absolutely perfect is your job.

No matter if you have just received a call for your first job interview or you’re hoping to get the raise soon, you always need to look like professional in order to be perceived as one. Keeping in mind that the first impression is something that happens instantly and that you will probably never get another chance to get it right, you need to always have one suit that will make your look flawless. Here are a couple of timeless suit styles for every businessman you simply need to know.
Be realistic
Remember your prom when you rented your first tux and thought you looked great, although it didn’t suit you at all? Well, that’s definitely something that cannot happen ever again, especially when your business career is at stake. The suit needs to complement your figure just as if it was made for you specially.
What you should always keep in mind is the fact that the salesmen will always tell you everything you want to hear in order to sell the suit. That is exactly why, no matter how hard it is, you need to set some standards before you get to the store. Take some time, do some research on what suits to your body type best and stay realistic all the time.

Stylish gentlements suit

Consider tailored suits
Sometimes, even the most expensive, branded suits cannot complement our figure and fashion sense just like a gorgeous tailored suit. Although such suits may cost a little bit more than regular, out-of-the-store ones, they definitely tell the difference. They will determine whether you will look like a successful businessman or just another guy who has accidentally wandered into the office.
What’s most amazing about having your suit tailored is that you can always rely on professional opinion. Apart from taking your measures precisely, a tailor will give your advice on what to choose for your body type. Today, it is even possible to order custom tailored suits online. All you need to do is to take your correct measures, select the model and the combination you like the most, without even leaving your sofa.

What style to choose?
Choosing the right suit style is probably the most difficult part of this entire process. However, since there a lot of amazing choices, you will always be able to pick something that suits your best. From a timeless plain three piece suit that is best for formal workplaces, plaid suits that are great for traditional work environment to the elegant navy or grey suit which can be stylishly worn in every situation.
Tall and fit men should also consider amazing double-breasted suits that were a thing in 1980s. Worn with a neat, white shirt, such suits are an ideal choice for modern work environment. Although most of these suits are made out of wool, which is wrinkle-free and a great absorbent, you should also consider getting lighter suits for the spring and the summer. For instance, amazing linen suits are super-light and absorb the body moisture, making you feel comfortable during all day.

Classic black and white for man

Sometimes, even the tiniest detail can make an immense difference. Therefore, apart from choosing your perfect office-worthy suit, you need to pay attention to accessories. Choose a classy oversized watch, sophisticated cufflinks, belt that matches your shoes and an appropriate tie and you are ready to rock!
What you need to keep in mind is that there is a never-ending relationship between your personality and career. Both your gestures, manners and appearance will determine the further direction of your career as a successful businessman. So, take some time, try out these tips and don’t let your dreams of a successful professional career remain just dreams. Good luck!

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