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Being a successful businesswoman makes even the most ordinary things in life ten times more complicated. Your schedule is chaotic, your working hours are even more so, and even the simplest task of choosing the right outfit seems like a huge project with billion angles to consider. To avoid headaches and panic attacks every morning before you decide what to wear, dress in such way that your colleagues and business partners don’t have a shred of doubt left that they’re dealing with a genuine boss.


As the dullest and the most boring day of the week, Monday is here to make you all feel miserable; except for you. Dress in white to emphasize your enthusiasm and energy and to give out the impression of a business professional who knows what she’s doing.  Wide legged pants, shirt made of flowy material. And a well-fitting blazer needs only a red tote bag and red pumps to look astonishingly good.


Pencil skirts are a must in any woman’s wardrobe, but for a woman who’s spending a lot of hours at meetings and office, it is even more important, because this wonderful piece is not only comfortable, but flattering too. A nice, grey pencil skirt combined with a white shirt will make you look professional and bossy. If you want to add some color to it, add a mustard or a navy sweater. Combine this with open-toe shoes and you’re ready to go.


For a lovely Wednesday morning, walk in and shine in a beige pencil skirt, white shirt, and brown heels, brown bag, and a brown belt. The combination of these hues is soothing for the eyes and you only need a touch of gold, for example a wrist watch, or a nice necklace, to top up the entire outfit.


Keeping things casual but still stylish and business-like is a skill that needs some time to master. A nice and stylish combo of a simple striped tee, heels, well-fitting jeans, fitted blazer, and a tote will have you looking professional but still add a casual touch to your everyday style. Keep your jewelry simple and classic instead of trendy and eye-catching, this makes you look less professional.


Friday is the day when things tend to go casual and a bit less strict, but for a bossy successful businesswoman that rule does not apply. This is the right time to show your commitment and discipline by showing at work wearing short sleeved black dress, and a nice pair of stilettos. Pair your shoes with a nice bag, this is the right time to add a bit of color – perhaps bright red, or even banana yellow; wear a nice bun and a pearl necklace and look like a real CEO of a big company.

It is important to keep your personal style present even when you dress up for a big meeting. A nice French braid, pretty cocktail ring, or a signature statement necklace will make you stand out from the crowd but will not diminish your bossy glow.

(Contributed by Emma)

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