5 Activities On The Road To A Healthier Lifestyle

Maintaining an active lifestyle in a modern world is not easy, but it’s definitely worthwhile health- and relaxation-wise. For maximum budget savings, best health benefits and ultimate fun, try outdoor sports. From hiking, running and inline skating to swimming and biking, room for recreation, relaxation and quality time al fresco springs endless. Here, we bring you top five outdoor activities to take up after a long day at the office and top up your batteries after a busy week.

Hike away: The road less travelled by
An extremely cost-efficient leisure activity that can help you relax after a hard day’s work, hiking is incredibly good for your health, figure and peace of mind. In addition to burning extra calories, hiking is a great exercise for a faster metabolism, better sleep and increased energy levels in the long run. Start with short, light walks across level pathways and work your way upwards to more strenuous routes involving rough terrains, long trails and uphill roads – you’ll be surprised just how relaxing and soothing hiking trips can be for your overworked mind and neglected physical shape.

5 Activities On The Road To A Healthier Lifestyle, hiking

Racing against boredom: Health benefits of running
For a refreshing change in everyday routine, consider taking up regular jogging or running. Regular running or jogging sessions are highly beneficial for the waistline, increased lung capacity, improved heart rate and higher stamina levels, as well as better bone structure and seamless functioning of the cardiovascular system. For an invigorating break from your daily routine, go for a short sprint in the morning or evening. As your muscles grow stronger, your breath more even during the race and your energy more balanced and better sustained during jogging sessions, you may want to consider extending your routes and intervals of intense running.

5 Activities On The Road To A Healthier Lifestyle, inline skating
Inline skating: Exhilarating, exciting and good for your figure
A great way to improve balance, lose weight and learn a new trick, inline skating may not be such an easy skill to master, but every drop of sweat and each hour spent on the wheels is an investment into a healthy, fun-filled future. If you never rollerbladed before, it may be a good idea to practice with an experienced instructor or inline-savvy friend. Until you’ve mastered inline skating essentials like stance, falling and braking, avoid downhill roads and steep slopes and stick to even terrains. For fast rollerblading progress, pick level, clean paths without stones, branches and other debris that may disturb your balance in case of accidental collision. Once you’ve established balance on even terrains, consider moving upwards to speed skating, freestyle rollerblading and jumping across various obstacles.

Biking is in: Sheer muscle-powered fun on two wheels
Exciting, budget-friendly and excellent for stamina, heart rate and endurance, cycling is another simple-to-learn skill that may improve your health and help break a dull everyday routine. Once you’ve conquered the trick of maintaining your balance on two wheels, start with short biking trails across level terrains and work toward more intense rides across rough paths like mountain trails and backcountry routes. The only things you’ll need for the ride include some good will, a bike and a handful of accessories which you can get at the Bicycle Store, so don’t let your figure and health go to waste – because you can help it.

5 Activities On The Road To A Healthier Lifestyle, biking

Master of the waves: Swimming is excellent for your health
Another fun sport to take up when looking to improve your health, endurance and stamina, swimming builds muscle mass, perks up your heart rate, burns tons of calories and provides a decent entire-body workout. In addition to its physical benefits, swimming helps calm down the nerves, improve flexibility and focus, alleviate stress and prevent depression, so if you want to take up a sport that has all your bases covered, hit the local pool and make morning swimming sessions a habit – your body will be forever grateful to you for the effort.

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