Looking Fabulous! The Top 5 Summer Fashion Statements for the Ladies in 2015

The theme for summer 2015 could be summed up as everything old is new again. From what’s underneath to what’s on top, the trend is to reinvent pieces from a simpler time. Don’t worry – these pieces don’t look or feel old. They are modern day – retro. Here are five looks you will want to try today.

Looking Fabulous The Top 5 Summer Fashion Statements for the Ladies in 2015
These aren’t your Granny’s Panties. Out with the thong this season and in with full brief panties. These new undergarments leave a little to the imagination. According to the DailyMail, thong purchases have declined, in favor of full-cover choices from boyfriend shorts to granny style underwear. So, put on your big girl panties this season and deal with it!

It’s all about the Lace, no Leather. This season designers are using lace from underwear to outerwear. Lace is no longer reserved for trim; entire outfits are being made out of lace. Shopakira features some examples of lace dresses that can go from dinner to destination wedding with the addition of a few accessories. For summer 2015, lace is no longer reserved for the boudoir; but can be found at the beach and in the boardroom.

Crafty Crochet Meets Runway. Another throwback trend this season is crochet. Although, a few seasons back Stacey and Clinton, from What Not to Wear, threw away Mayim Bialik’s crocheted scarf, even they would approve of the new, chic crochet fashions. Just don’t go overboard with this trend, a little crochet goes a long way.

Jackie O’s not the only one who looks good in yellow. Jackie Kennedy Onassis loved to wear bright colors and yellow was one of her favorites. This season you can channel Jackie’s spirit by wearing something yellow. Don’t worry, there are a lot of different shades of yellow and I am sure you can find one that works for you. If it was good enough for Jackie, it’s good enough for me.

Shoes Make the Women Too! This season, don’t forget about your pedicure, perfect feet. A great way to show them off is in a platform sandal. If JJ from Good Times could see you in these shoes, he would most certainly say “Dynomite!”

This summer Back to the Future celebrates its 30th anniversary. The fashion world seems to be paying homage by bringing fashion back from the past.

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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