Trends alert for Spring 2015

Finally the sun is out, and we can leave our stuffy rooms and the four walls we have been staring at for the last couple of winter months. We have picked up our phones, called our friends and arranged a coffee house meeting for a spring gossip session. And what are you going to wear?

Probably like all women, you have just enough clothes in your wardrobe, but the problem will be that it is all last season. If you have no time to go shopping, the good thing about living in the 21st century is that women’s clothing can be bought online. Your new pair of Marry Janes are just a click away, but what else will you need this season to keep in pace with the trends? Here are a couple of necessary items you should fill your closet with this spring.

Trench Coat
Spring is quite an unpredictable period. One moment you walk along the river bank enjoying the sun and a warm day, and the next you are running towards the closest restaurant to protect from sudden rain. As then temperature might go even 10 degrees down, you will need a good trench coat, just in case. Made of light material, it will not bother while you carry it around, folded over your arm.

The seventies and the floral print came back last season, and now they are accompanied with denim, of any kind literarily. What you need in your closet are high waisted jeans, both light and dark in color, combined with denim jacket, or even a shirt, that usually comes with a rich colorful necklace.


High Slit Skirts
It is high time you showed off those legs you have been hiding all winter. This season, high slit skirts will rule the streets, as they are extremely sexy, and yet elegant. They come in every print and every color, and you can wear them during the day or for a night out, with the flats, or your favorite pair of heels.

Along with floral, came stripped print, but before getting anything with it, remember the two most important rules: horizontal ones will widen you, and vertical ones will make you look taller. This latter one actually brings good news to short girls who do not really feel like wearing heels this season.


Moto Jacket
As the temperature is high enough for you to take your motorcycle out of the garage, you will need a leather jacket to complete the biker look. And do not forget the Ray Bans, while you take another ride down the sunshine highway with the wind in your hair.

Baseball Hat
That boyish look has always been attractive in a way, but what it will be perfect for this season is sunny hangover Sundays. Just like a celebrity hides from paparazzi, so will you from the crowd, while you take a long recovering walk in the park.

So either pick up your wallets and hit the nearest boutiques, or stay at home one more day and browse the online stores for spring 2015 chique clothing items.

(Contributed by Sophia Anderson)

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