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Can an individual's personality be classified? What do we mean by personality? Every individual has different behaviour patterns which vary with time and with mood changes, fits of temper, laughter, fear, joy and grief. 

Behind this changing emotional pattern there are deeper unseen characteristics and tendencies which make it possible to classify people in a number of ways.

The question that may come to one's mind is: psychoanalysis may be useful for doctors and psychiatrists but how is it useful to the common person? 

Well, personality and behavioural tests can be used for self-analysis which can help in overcoming depression, anxiety, nervousness, complexes and a number of other emotional problems.

Let us take the example of a young working girl Maya who was extremely dissatisfied with her job as a research assistant in a chemical laboratory. 

On the surface everything seemed okay and she could not pinpoint the problem which used to upset her even more. One of her friends suggested that she should take a personality test to determine the root cause of her problem.

After the test it was found that Maya was basically an outgoing extrovert who loved meeting people whereas her job involved secluded research work within the confines of the laboratory.

 She explained the problem to her boss who transferred her to the marketing department as a sales executive. She began to feel more interested and content in her new post and started enjoying her work which was soon to be rewarded with a promotion and increment in pay.

woman dissatisfied with her job

Maya's case is not isolated. There are a large number of people who can overcome seemingly complex problems with the help of self-analysis.

Can an intangible factor like personality be measured in statistical terms? Well, not exactly but there are a number of parameters that can be used to assess the personality of an individual.

This test can help you  analyse your personality and know whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.
The extrovert and introvert represent the extremes and most people are somewhere in between. People also vary from time to time and will be more extroverted on some occasions and less on others.

women laughing 

The extrovert is the outward-looking, socially friendly, flamboyant and extremely confident person..An extrovert would be great as a teacher, counsellor, administrator or insurance agent. 

The extrovert is always interested in other people's lives and problems. The extreme extrovert tends to develop a very large circle of friends with very few meaningful or close relationships.

The introvert, like a scientist minutely studying the structure of the atom, probes every thought, feeling and action, asking himself futile questions like "what did he or she think of me?", "maybe, I should not have done that" or "I should have spoken differently to her instead." 

The introvert is more comfortable in solitude or in the midst of a close group of friends or relations rather than among large gatherings or among strangers.

Introverts generally enjoy reading poetry and are perfectly at ease in the company of books. They tend to develop 1 or 2 extremely close relationships and hate small talk or general conversations. 

Although introverts may seem unsocial or even arrogant and disdainful but their greatest desire is to be liked by all. 

Introverts have an aptitude for creative work and are uncomfortable in engaging in activities that require coordination with other people. They can develop into great thinkers and writers and are suited to research.

It is very important to analyse one's own personality and that of others around us. This helps in removing misconceptions and one can analyse and also predict the behaviour of a person in a particular situation.

know your personality
In case of a mental or emotional problem, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a psychiatrist.

Seema and Ramesh had been very good friends in college and had started liking each other. Seema noticed a change in Ramesh's behaviour and found that he was slowly distancing himself from her. 

She was perplexed and could not find out what she had done to offend him. Ramesh was basically a sensitive and introverted person who kept his feelings to himself. Seema was a fun-loving outgoing girl with a casual attitude to life. 

She would take Ramesh to parties where he felt very uncomfortable and intimidated in the presence of her friends who used to tease him for fun. Ramesh was also a little insecure and he was a little upset when Seema would talk to other men.

Seema later realized what the problem was and adjusted herself accordingly. They were soon married and are now a happy couple.

Although it is very difficult to change one's personality, sometimes it becomes important to behave differently with different types of people. 

Sudha had a very pleasant, helping nature and she was very popular with her friends and relatives as she was very considerate. But her pleasant nature was misused by some of her colleagues in her office where she was working. 

They would make some excuse and leave for home early and persuade Sudha to do their work. Sudha always found it difficult to say no and was always burdened with an excessive workload.

Her sister advised her to be extremely firm and assertive in her dealing with her colleagues' requests. The next time when one of her workers asked her to do some extra work, Sudha refused point-blank. 

Her colleague was shocked at the sudden change in her behaviour and after that day no one ever took her for granted. However, Sudha remained considerate helping her friends and relatives as she knew that they would not take undue advantage of her submissive nature.

If a problem cannot be resolved by yourself, one should not feel shy in taking professional help. In India, there is a misconception that psychiatrists are meant for insane people and that person seeking professional help of a help of help of a counsellor or psychiatrists if one has a mental or emotional problem. Depression and emotional instability are also medical problems and one should visit a professional just as you would visit your family doctor if you fall sick.

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