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Disorganization is the bane of busy lives. If there is one secret weapon that is possessed by the successful, it is the fact that they are highly organized. No one is born organized. Organization is something we can build into our lives.

Rushing around and slogging is not a beautiful life. We can get more things done and have some fun in the process if we are organized. How often we say, "if only I could get more organized, I could finish all my work in the time allotted.".

We can find more time by correcting ways in which we waste time, without knowing it. You won't be overworked and take control of your life. There are several ways in which we waste time.

One is by procrastinating, that is by not handling interruptions effectively - one has to limit chatting or messaging on phone and  frequently checking of one's social media sites for updates.

Having enough time to accomplish what you need to do means making time. With enough time at your disposal, you can also do your work efficiently, and also get time to enjoy.

Due to disorganization in your life, do you send belated birthday cards and gifts? Do you put off, going to the dental surgeon when there is a toothache? Do you confront your boss to get a well deserved raise?

Instead of postponing, get things done in time. Work with the time available. If you have taken up a new assignment and are pressed for time, wake up a little early in the morning and start working.

organized office woman
If you are organized you will be at ease performing any job.

A woman explained that she loved writing, but never had the time to do it. Her computer was placed on some shabby desk. Her notes and files in another messy closet. Her notes and files in another untidy closet.

Her books scattered all over the floor. How could she start writing in such a cluttered atmosphere? And there she was putting on an excuse of lack of time!

Rugs, windows, cupboards can be cleaned on weekends. Cupboards should be neatly arranged so that you can pick up the right attire without wasting time, especially if you have to tend to toddlers and school-going children. Also read the post Rearranging your wardrobe.

Leena is a very disorganized person. She is an executive who has to get ready her two children before she goes to office.

She loves to wear a saree, but never takes out her saree and blouse the previous night with the result that she will be hunting for her matching blouse in the morning. As a result of which her children get late to school and she for her office.

On the contrary, Kiran is methodical. Her cupboards look like the ones in a fashionable shop - beautifully arranged. She takes out everything she needs, the previous night.

Her domestic help helps her with household chores while she attends to other jobs. Try to emulate Kiran and not Leena and you'll soon discover the joys of a clutter-free life.

Try to arrange everything in place. Label bottles and tins, so that any member of the family can pick up things, when they want.

If children are in the habit of losing pencils and rubber, never be in the habit of hunting and wasting time, but keep a stock of hem, so that you can pick up whenever needed.

Always fill the vase with fresh flowers. Light up your house by polishing brass vessels. Having everything in order is in itself exhilarating.

woman cleaning
Make it a habit to clean your surroundings regularly.

Try to note down useful information in a diary, and not on scraps of paper, because you are sure to lose them. Be well organized in your arrangement and filing of things.

Throw out the unwanted clutter, which will help you find things easily and give mental peace.

Manage home and office efficiently. Put your personal stamp on everything you do, setting the table, making plan for weekends and arranging a party. When a gift is received, it is essential to send a "thank you" note. Plan everything ahead and mark it on a calendar.

There are times when you can perform two tasks at a time. Catch up on the news, when you are chopping vegetables, listen to soothing music when you exercise or clean the floor.

As a reward for your organizing skill, treat yourself to a dinner with friends at times.

If you treasure your time and plan its use well you will like yourself and your life much better. "A place for everything, and everything in its place"  is one of life enhancing adages, passed on to generations.

(Contributed by A.J)

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  1. A new habit is more difficult to attain then one would want to believe. You have to decide you want it. One rule of thumb that really helped was if it takes less than a minute to accomplish something, do it right now. Instead of throwing clothing on the floor, put it in a hamper. Takes less than one minute.nstead of stacking junk mail on the counter, throw it away. Takes less than one minute.

    When you come home home with things loaded in your arms, put each thing where its supposed to go instead of laying it all down in a pile. Maybe takes a couple of minutes!

    Do something every day. It makes a difference. Don't try to get everything organized on one day!

    You can do this. It matters what you do everyday, not just some days!

  2. Sarita3:22 PM

    Sweet article!

  3. Narendra3:24 PM

    Start small...don't look at the whole house at once or it will overwhelm, you. Just start by organizing one little area. Once you've finished that one area, then move to another area. Give yourself time. Your house didn't get this way overnight. You can't fix it overnight, either.

  4. Ravishankar3:28 PM

    You will be SO RELIEVED to have incorporated effective measures to AVOID all the clutter!
    You may have to MAKE some TIME to clean up after yourself, and that will require cutting out some of the other things you spend time on . . .


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