Overnight Tricks for Stunning Skin

Looking fabulous is a desire for many especially women. The skin is a delicate organ and should be treated with care. 
Unfortunately, our busy lifestyles tend to eat up on our time. This is normally experienced in the morning when everything is rushed thus leaving little time for attending to the skin. 
This results into the dull looking skin that looks much older than it is. However, even with as little make-up as one layer, the skin can still look as refreshed and attractive as it is intended to. 
The key lies in treating your skin with care. Since the morning schedule does not cut it, try an overnight routine. Below are overnight tricks for the stunning skin.

1. Use a one-time instant make-up remover

It is no secret that women wear make-up throughout the day. This make-up combined with the daily dirt and impurities we encounter results into a filthy and unhealthy coating on the skin. Extending this overnight will not only cause your skin pores to clog, it may lead to breakouts and increase the rate at which your skin ages.

To avoid these side effects, one should avoid retiring to bed with their make-up on. The face should be rid of any makeup using a quality make-up remover. Many a times, the day’s events weigh us down, and the thought of reaching home and cleansing your face is quite frustrating. 
It is, therefore, advisable to get a one-step make-up remover that gets the job done instantaneously. This will save you both time and energy. The cleansing will prevent the pores from blocking thus allowing the skin to breath and rejuvenate.

2. Apply a face mask just before sleeping

One can use an over the counter face mask or a home-made natural facial mask. In any case, both would work in similar fashion. The mask is applied to a cleansed surface and massaged lightly leaving only a thin film on the skin. 
The liquid mask is then left to set for some time before sleeping to avoid smudging it on the sheets. Once set, the individual can go to sleep. The mask will work to dehydrate pimples thus decreasing their size. 
The mask is then peeled off gently the next morning. This peeling process unblocks the skin pores. This leaves the skin feeling healthier and smoother.

3. Exfoliate the skin

One you have removed all the makeup, you will gain access to the top layer of the skin. Just as everything that lives dies, so does the skin. On a daily basis, the skin cells are aging, and others die. 
These dead cells usually appear on the top most layer of the skin. Exfoliating the skin involves scrubbing off the dead cells from the skin. If the exfoliation is occasionally done, then a relatively harsh and grainy textured exfoliator should be used. 
However, for daily use, a gentle exfoliator should be used to avoid damaging the skin. One of the best exfoliators to use on a daily basis includes a glycolic acid exfoliator. 
The removal of dead cells gives the skin room to breathe. It also exposes the inner layer that in turn enables the skin to absorb facial care products effectively.

4. Night facial products and Face Cream

Overnight products such as night facial creams are a good way of keeping the skin hydrated. In some cases, the products are multi-functional performing more than one function such as hydration and exfoliation amongst others. The cream is applied on the face and later washed off in the morning.

5. Get enough sleep

The amount and quality of sleep one get, to a great extent determines the state of the skin. A sleep deprived individual will experience dark circles under the eyes in addition to the skin around the eyes sagging. 
This gives the appearance of an unhealthy dull and stressed skin. With time, the skin will develop wrinkles and folds due to extensive lack of skin.

Sleep is therefore very essential when trying to attain glowing, flawless skin. Sleeping is a way of relaxing the skin and relieving it of the day’s stress. Just before going to bed, remember to do the following to attain that morning glow:

• Take a glass of water to keep the skin hydrated throughout the night.
• Elevate your head and lie on your back. This will avoid exerting unnecessary pressure on the eyes and the face in general.
• Use bedding that are friendly to the skin. Ensure they do not draw lines on your skin.

In Closing 

How one chooses to care for their skin will determine how the skin appears. A healthy stunning skin does not require hours of attention. It is the little details such as facial hygiene that matter. 
The power of sleep cannot be overlooked. It is for this reason that facial routines done during the night offer more promising results as opposed to those done in the morning.
Having stunning skin isn't all about being born with the perfect genetics. For smooth, glowing, flawless and healthy skin that simply begs to be touched, the above mentioned overnight smart skin care tips and lifestyle habits will help tremendously.  
And as you can see, it's actually lots easier than you think! Only your commitment towards regular nighttime skincare is needed.
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  1. Fruits, Vegetables (they contain vitamins for body & skin) & drinking water cos our bodies made of water also blood lol keep away from dehydration & Lotion Products Such as Aveeno, Vaseline, Nivea or Avon anything that suits for your skin

  2. I use organic soaps on my skin that have oatmeal and honey in it

  3. Savita3:21 PM

    put bees wax on your face mixed with cream.. everynight and then rub off in the morning... it works seriuosly!!


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