A simple exercise for gums and teeth

strong gums and teeth
I came across this simple and easy exercise, when I was reading the book Health in your Hands by Devendra Vora. You have to keep your lips closed and pound your upper teeth on lower teeth 30-40 times. Then you have to massage your gums and teeth with your saliva coated tongue. Apparently this activity promotes blood circulation and a regular practice of this exercise twice a day keeps your teeth & gums strong and healthy. Now just like this easy-peasy Pranayam, it hardly takes a minute or two to do this exercise. Moreover you can do it any time at your convenience. And while you are at it, nobody gets the slightest hint that you are on a teeth-exercising spree --  now that's the best thing about this exercise.  Except of course if you have to open your mouth to talk with someone, but then you can always resume the exercise later with your mouth shut. So why don't you all give it a try and see if it works for you!

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(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Dinesh3:42 PM

    chewing a chewing gum is a way of exercising teeth
    Chewing gum produces more saliva which protects against plaque and cavities by breaking down sugar, fat and other foods on your teeth

  2. Soumya11:53 AM

    Thanks for the great detailed info in all your articles which satisfy the curious mind!


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