How to Pick the Best Exercise Class

Exercise is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Not only does it release endorphins, but you are less likely to become ill if you exercise regularly, which is a good thing considering that we're heading into cold season. Additionally, many health insurance companies have lower premiums for healthy people; I am currently covered under my father's COBRA health insurance, and my family's overall health has helped to keep his premiums lower than they would have been otherwise.
If you decide to start an exercise program, a good option is to participate in fitness classes that are offered at your gym. This adds variety to your workout routine, and will help you achieve your goals faster. Working out with a group not only encourages you to exercise at a steady pace, but also challenges you in a way that you may be unable to do on your own. Based on your fitness goals, there are any number of classes you can take to achieve your desired results.

Losing Weight
If your goal is to lose weight, then it is recommended that you consistently burn more calories than you consume. However, this doesn't have to mean endless hours on the elliptical or excessive dieting. Instead, eat sensibly and healthily, making sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and balance that with a class that focuses on cardio. My favorite cardio-intensive class is Zumba, which combines Latin dancing with nonstop aerobic exercising, resulting in a calorie-burning good time.

Increasing Muscle Mass
Many people who join a gym do so to tone up and gain muscle mass. Any gym worth its salt will have a wide array of weight machines and free weights, but these are for solo workout sessions. If your gym offers BodyPump classes, I highly recommend checking it out. This one hour class focuses on each major muscle group, and is set to an upbeat music track that will energize you and pump you up (pun intended).

The key to any successful workout regimen is to balance weight training and cardio exercises with classes that focus on flexibility and increasing core strength. This lengthens and decompresses the spine, and lessens the likelihood of back injuries. Most gyms offer yoga and/or Pilates classes, but there are now alternatives to these traditional classes. My personal favorites are PiYo, an energetic combination of Pilates and yoga; and aerial yoga, where traditional yoga poses are done while sitting in a cloth sling, leading to deeper stretches.
As you can see, getting in shape doesn't have to be something that fills you full of dread. In fact, you can have a lot of fun, meet new friends, and achieve your fitness goals at the same time. As with any fitness program, getting to the gym is half the battle, and staying there is the other half. Rather than risking getting burned out or injured (and therefore losing interest in your goals), join a fitness class today!
(Guest Post by Ashley)

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  1. I'd recommend body pump which goes on at fitness first. I'm not sure if other gyms take part, but its a good class and if you're a beginner, you can just start with small weights and increase as you get stronger.

  2. Tanuja3:38 PM

    Cycling class's are fun, but you might enjoy Yoga or somthing in that nature.

  3. u can try dance Class, its fun and you also lose a lot of calories

  4. Charulata11:45 AM

    Thanks for the post.The deal looks amazing to me. I would surely get it and refer all my friends as well, I am sure they would be highly benefited.

  5. Soumya10:58 AM

    Relax your muscles during the poses, rather than making them taut; in particular keep your face relaxed.


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