Which type of lenses are best?

If you have been considering switching to contact lenses to help with an eyesight impairment then you may already be aware that there are several different types of lenses to choose from.

Deciding to switch to contacts isn't actually as simple as it first appears you must then think about what kind of lenses you will be comfortable wearing, and how often you think that you will be using them.
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The main different type of contact lenses are categorised by the duration of time for which you can keep wearing them daily lenses are disposable lenses, designed for one use and then thrown away. Thicker, more substantial lenses such as monthlies, weeklies and fortnightlies are designed for repeated use and need to be taken care of for the appropriate length of time before disposal.

Different types of lenses suit different types of lenses, so there isn't really any ideal lens type. Instead, you should be thinking about which type of lenses is best for you.

For those who only intend to wear contact lenses some of the time, daily lenses are probably the best option. Daily lenses can be stockpiled and used whenever you want, and choosing not to wear them for a few days is no loss to you.

Longer duration lenses are better for people who wear their lenses every single day, from getting up till going back to bed in the evening. These types of lenses require care and attention in between uses, and should be let in a sealed container of solution overnight to keep them safe and wearable.

Daily lenses are sometimes viewed as the more expensive option, and that is certainly true if you buy a month's supply of dailies as opposed to one pair of monthly lenses however, if you are only going to be using the dailies every now and again, spending money on monthly or fortnightly lenses would be a waste.

With daily lenses you can pay for what you use, rather than a fixed period of time. Remember to consider all these things carefully when choosing the kind of contact lenses you want to use.

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(Guest Post by Krystal)

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  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    dual color contacts that is double tinted. They transform your eyes and for sure you wouldn't see your natural eye color, just the color u want

  2. Christina9:10 AM

    Depends on your eyeball and what you need them for. For me, it turned out to be soft dailies.
    A picture of someone's eyes will do NOTHING to help decide which contacts will be best. However, if she has brown eyes, she'll have to wear opaque lenses to get blue/grey - and they NEVER look natural.

  3. Which contact lenses are best? monthly/ daily?

  4. I have monthlies. I like them best for some reason, cheaper too.

  5. I am planning to wear contact lenses when playing tennis. Thanks for this valuable tips.


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