Quarterly Roundup of best posts Jul-Sept 2010

A list of best posts from July 2010 - Sept 2010. Enjoy!


Beauty & SkincareTips , Makeup tips and How tos

The Holidays are Almost Here - Holiday Grooming Guide
Times flies so quickly. And the holidays are almost here. Gear up for Holidays with this Holiday Grooming Guide.
How to Camouflage Cellulite
Even thin people have cellulite. You can't do much about it but these tips will come handy in camouflaging it.
Skincare: Buy Smart and Simplify
Don't splurge. Buy only the essentials. Simplify & de-clutter and this in turn will make your life easy.
Organizing Your Beauty and Skincare Cabinet - Tips 
A well organized beauty & skincare cabinet is such a pretty sight to behold. Plus, when you are in a hurry, it saves your time & energy as you don't have to rummage through everything to get your things.
Skincare and Makeup During Pregnancy - The Do's & Don'ts
Acne medications are a strict no-no while trying to conceive, during pregnancy & for lactating mothers. Find out more about such do's and don'ts.
Top 5 Beauty Must Haves for Every Woman's Purse
What do you have in your purse right now?
Beauty Secrets for People with Sensitive Skin
Calling all gals with sensitive skin! These beauty & skincare tips are meant for you.
Ways to Pamper Yourself That Will Make You Feel Beautiful Inside and Out
Your me-time is so important; spending time and money on yourself is not a sin. Pamper yourself every now and feel good inside out.
The Proper Application of Self-Tanner: Not So Self-Evident & Fix a Botched Self Tan and avoid these Self-tanners
Your self-tanner application guide.
DIY Beauty Aids - Reader's Contribution
DIY beauty aids are so much fun only if you have the inclination to concoct it
Budget Beauty Tips
These tips will certainly help those who can't afford to spend a fortune on fancy beauty products.
Remedy for itchy, irritated & burning underarms
Itchy underarms can be so bothersome, but there are remedies to tackle this problem.
Top 5 Beauty Tips for 2010
2010 is gonna bid you goodbye in only 3 months time. But these beauty tips are applicable for  2011 as well.
Tackle Monsoon Skin-care Woes with these tips from experts
Toe nail fungus is the most common skin affliction in monsoon. Read on to tackle this as well as other skin woes that are the bane of monsoons.


Correct Posture Gives you Grace
The way you sit, walk & use your hands speaks volumes about your personality.
Grooming Tip - Wear a smile
Beauty comes from within. And a smile does something to your looks which all the makeup in the world can't give you.


The Hair Parting in Beauty Culture
There's so much to talk about a thing as insignificant as hair-parting. It has a religious significance in Indian culture. Plus there is something called hair-part theory, that claims to predict your nature on the basis of how you part your hair.
Long hair more attractive?
Why do men find long hair attractive in women?
Stained teeth - types and causes
Stained teeth are so yuckkkk! What causes them?
What causes Eyelid Twitching?
Is your right eyelid twitching or is it the left? Or are both your eyelids twitching? What does it indicate?
A skin disorder that increases your risk of heart disease
A past life regression therapy may reveal what caused this skin disorder in the first place, but the onset of this skin disorder foretells that you have a greater risk of heart disease.
Nail Polish- culprit for irritated eyelids 

It's surprising to know that freshly applied nail polish can irritate your eyes.
Jaw contouring with Botox
Not satisfied with the way you look? (Seriously you are having self-esteem issues here, if you ask me.) Wanna reduce a square jawline? Try Botox. But hey don't get addicted to it.

Fashion & Style Tips

Style tip: Look slim in pants
Are you of short stature and slightly overweight? Don't fret. This simple trick can make you look slim and tall in jeans.
Is it cool to match nail polish on toes and fingers?
So what do you do? Do you paint nails in different colours or altogether go without nail polish for your fingernails and only paint your toes?
Style Tips: Reader's contribution
Style tips for looking  and feeling better....
Beauty and Grooming Prep for a Date
First impression is the last impression, it's said. So prepare well and look your best before a date.
Refrain from the below mentioned fashion faux pas to avoid cutting a sorry figure in front of others.
Avoid Visible Panty Line
Avoid such 'nippy' embarrassing situations
Don't wear age-inappropriate clothes
Don't wear all accessories in one go


Zoe Saldana's Favorite Products & Fashion Must-Haves
Which of Zoe's favorite products do you covet?
The Secret of Salma Hayek's Glowing Skin
Envious of  Salma Hayek's flawless, glowing complexion? Wish to know her secret. Read the post.

Exercise & Fitness

Dance your way to fitness
Dance therapy not only keeps you fit but it's good for your mental health as well.


Laughter is the best medicine. So go ahead and tickle your funny bone by reading these
Funny Beauty Quotes & Hilarious Beauty Jokes
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