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She's wearing lovely trousers, but there's a Santa belly and bum hanging out ...

 woman with big belly hanging out woman with big belly struggling to fit into jeanswoman with big bum

The Solution:
Shapers are saviours - get one-piece corset panties such as these that have a front panel to control jelly bellies, hips and bums. Pick ones with good coverage for full support.
(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    The fact that wearing attire in such a manner makes you look like an utter, utter twat is simple enough justice

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Lovely illustration of the absurdity

  3. What is the benefits of Squeem body shapers as compared to others?

  4. One big benefit I experience is that while doing the shaping for you, it also does the slimming of your body as well. The compression and the heat created between your body and the shaper will induce fat burning action.It is quite revolutionary.

  5. Karunya10:12 AM

    Body sharpers are not designed to lose weight but to slim you down to maybe say fit in some pants or a shirt that's small for ya without the sharpers. Mind you those things are tightening up your internal organs and should be worn occasionally and not on a regular basis

  6. Is it true that wearing body sharpers at all times during weight loss helps prevent loose, saggy skin?

  7. no....the skin does not shrink back after being stretched too much...people that have lost conside able weight must have the folds removed surgically.

  8. Sharukh10:16 AM

    weight training and drinking lots of water will keep your skin tight and firm.

  9. Anonymous10:17 AM

    body sharpers can change you body permanently.
    Its true I wear a garment called a body magic and i have recently dropped 10 pounds by doing nothing but putting the garment on it slims you instantly 2 sizes or more check out the site and let me know if i can help you any further these people try their hard to get you the product as fast as possible

  10. she can lose her weight with the help of exercises and drinking water.


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