Sameera Reddy’s fitness regime

Sameera ReddyHot and happening, Sameera Reddy, is an absolute stunner. However few know that Sameera had to really work hard to shed all her baby fat when she decided to make her debut on the silver screen. A fitness freak, Sameera shares how to keep fit with proper food intake and exercise:

Her day begins with:
I start my day with a glass of coconut water followed with a papaya, couple of oranges and figs. Preferably, I eat only fruits in the morning.

Her diet:
Even if I have a shoot, I carry food from home that mom lovingly packs for me. In fact, she keeps track of what I need to eat all through my day. I eat 2 rotis with bhaji and green salads for my lunch. In the evening again, I have to have my fruits and nariyal pani (tender coconut water). At night, I relish grilled chicken or else fish with lots of green salads. It’s better not to eat late at night as the body’s metabolism slows down. So I make it a point to have an early dinner between 8-9 PM. Besides, I also find it healthier to have smaller meals through the day rather than having two heavy meals. I also avoid aerated drinks and drink nariyal pani whenever I am thirsty. It’s the best liquid intake that keeps your body fit and energetic. 

Does she detox?
I do not fast as such, but once in a while I live completely on fruits. That way, I keep my system healthy. The system needs a rest once in a while, just like we humans do.

Does she ever binge?
Of course, I do. I’m human after all. Once in a month, I go to my favorite restaurants to have all that I have missed because of my regular workout.

Her favorite food:
Sushi and Idli Chutney made by mom. I can eat it the whole day without batting an eyelid.

Her workout schedule to keep her body in shape:
When I am not shooting every morning I go for my kathak class and practice for 2 hours. Previously I used to sweat it out in the gym for 2 hours a day and also jog thrice a week. But now I’m more into swimming and yoga, and the results are fantastic. Swimming is one of the best exercises as it not only helps you to relax but also increases your stamina to a great deal. I really enjoy healthy habits. A good work-out makes me feel positive and stronger in mind and is a great stress-buster.

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    The key with any fitness regime is motivation. No matter how effective a plan is, it's no use if you can't or won't keep to it.

    Find an exercise or activity you like, and do it and keep at it. Cycling is good, but beware of traffic. Swimming is great as it is very low impact. Power walking is great too. Find something that you like and can do (be it for reasons of where you live, time, etc.) and enjoy it.

    Make sure you try and push as hard as you can. The aim is to work your body harder than it has done so that it will improve to meet the challenge the next time. The trick is to do that incrementally so as to not burn yourself out. So if you choose to swim, first set yourself a goal to, say, swim 30 lengths of the pool in an hour. Start off easy by say, swimming 15 lengths. Rest in between if you need to but keep to your target. Increase that to 20 once you feel that you don't need to rest anymore. And so on.

    Doing normal things that would take up more exertion also helps. Like taking the stairs instead of the lift (if you have to go up 30 flights, why not go up the lift halfway and the stairs the rest of the way?). Or walking instead of taking the bus (or getting off a few bus stops earlier).

    Do some weight training if you can. The body uses up more calories to keep muscle tissue alive than it does fat. The more muscle you have, the more calories it takes just to keep alive without even doing anything. Don't worry, you won't end up looking like Schwarzenneger, but more toned and feeling a heck of a lot stronger and fitter.

    Eat well and healthily. Stop before you're full, eat before you're too hungry. Eat smaller meals 5-6 times a day, rather than 3 larger ones. This helps regulate and normalise your blood sugar levels through the days without the dips and spikes of heavy meals. Always keep an eye on fat content.

    However, it is important that you don't feel like you're depriving yourself. If you do then you're less likely to keep to your goals. Treat yourself once in a while. Like if you've reached your 50 lengths of the pool goal, treat yourself to a dinner out. But don't treat yourself too often, otherwise that would be the norm, not a treat.

    Drink lots of water. You'd be amazed at the number of times you thought that you're hungry when in fact it's thirst. Water helps your digestion, and yes, bowel movements. Nobody needs the sluggish feeling of constipation.
    Last but not least, rest. If you feel tired and dread doing physical activity, it's no good. Remember, it's very important that you enjoy yourself. A fitness program me not stuck to is as good as no fitness program me (I hate calling it a regime - that word reminds me of Saddam Hussein)

  2. unknown9:56 AM

    eat loads of protein, use weights and go to the gym weekly. this will improve your muscles and boost your weight

  3. Chaya9:58 AM

    you Just need the zip diet first. then just walk at least 30 minutes a day

  4. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Beauty Tips from Sameera
    I wash my body with curd and honey as frequently as I can.
    I apply lip balm to my lips.
    I use Christian Dyer Mascara to my eyes.
    I practice Kathak for fitness.
    I keep my mind clean and free from all tensions.
    Eating good food, sleeping sufficiently at nights, listening to music are my activities those keep me healthy.
    I also swim frequently to keep my body in shape.
    I apply camphor cream after using apricot scrub.
    I use very less make up when I'm off screen. That's my beauty Regime and the secret of my happy and healthy life".

  5. Kunda4:41 PM

    She emphasizes the importance of Yoga in her daily life.

  6. Pratima8:23 AM

    How exciting!! I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail and to read your tips online


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