December 9, 2009

Neetu Chandra's Beauty & Fitness Secrets

Upcoming actress Neetu Chandra of Garam Masala, Traffic Signal and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye fame is a fitness freak and a total sports person (She loves playing basketball whenever she's free!). This sexy and seductive actress with a passion and boldness to do whatever she wants to do reveals some of her beauty and fitness secrets.
Neetu Chandra

I kick-start my day with: Yoga and my vocal trainer who trains me to modulate my voice for better dialogue delivery.
My skin loves: Body Shop face packs.
I pamper my skin with: Clinique Sunscreen.
My hair loves: Tigi Bedhead products. I also condition with a curd pack.
My lips love: MAC lip balms.
I primp my eyes with: Maybelline Mascara
My fitness Mantra: Kathak and gym workouts.
Little known facts about me: I'm a black belt holder in Taekwondo and besides being a national games silver medal winner in the martial art, I also represented India in International Taekwondo Championship at Hong Kong in 1996.
Pre-Party Quick Fix: A light foundation from MAC, mascara and lipgloss
My favorite beauty treatment: A clean up at the Blush Clinic.
What keeps me energized: A good and healthy diet.
One beauty rule I always follow: I clean my face thoroughly to remove traces of makeup and dirt.
I keep my skin stress free by: Applying a chilled homemade cucumber face pack.
On a bad hair day: I go in for a hair massage at the Aroma Garden Salon.
Night-Time Beauty Routine: I apply a Clinique under-eye cream and Body Shop cream.
Beauty Advice: Religiously follow your routine - be it exercise or diets... the results will definitely show gradually!
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(Guest Post by Smitha)


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  1. Soumya10:06 AM

    She said that Fitness is about 50 percent diet and 50 percent exercise. So, as a source of maintaining good diet, Sugar Free Gold offers me the nutritive value and it comes very naturally to me as I myself use the product.”

  2. unknown10:11 AM

    When asked about her beauty secret she reveals that: It’s all because of her diet structure.” When asked to elaborate her dieting schedule, “I take one glass hot water as soon as I wake up and I have either an egg oblate or a dosa as my breakfast.

    About the lunch and dinner either I go for either roti dall or roti subji,”“And I eat lots of lots of fruits and I am regular to my workouts. I never miss my work outs,”


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