Myths related to teeth

Here are 3 common myths regarding dental care, gear up to stash them away.

Myth 1: You don’t need to see a dentist unless you have a problem.
You couldn’t be more mistaken. Tooth decay is completely painless in the initial stages. And some decays are not evident, but have progressed profoundly all the same and so present you with swelling and pain indicative of infection. Visit a dentist every six months so he can fill teeth with cavities, cleanse the oral environment by removing tartar and ascertain that you are brushing your teeth right.

Myth 2: Cleaning at the dentist makes teeth loose.
On the contrary! If you do not get teeth cleansed, you could end up with several loose teeth. Poor oral hygiene initiates formation and growth of soft plaque (comprising of microorganisms) on the surfaces of and in between teeth which, when left untouched hardens to form an adherent mass called tartar. This tartar encroaches on the gums and over a period of time aids in diminishing support to the teeth making some of them unsteady. Since tartar cannot be removed by tooth brushing, ultrasonic cleaning of teeth will do good more than you can fathom.

Myth 3: Tooth extraction affects eyesight.
In earlier times, perhaps, elderly people who got their teeth removed also happened to develop dimming eyesight subsequent to the extraction; so they inadvertently linked the two and the word has been passed on. Well, if an extraction is warranted, go ahead and get it done. You are not going to see any less after that.


(Compiled by Smitha with inputs from Dr. Smriti)
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  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    There is a wrong notion that whitening will give the magic touch not only to the teeth but also to the fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers. So be careful otherwise two shades of color will give a funny twist to the smile.

  2. unknown5:28 PM

    Some myths have exploded leading to the establishment of certain facts. The truth is that medium brushes are good for the teeth, regular visits to the dentist are required, aspirin should not be freely swallowed, brushing must be circular, flossing is necessary, adults too can opt for braces to give the touch of smartness to their looks, bleeding gums should not be left alone but tackled with a soft brush and children too require flossing.


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