Banish bad hair days with these solutions

Tress distress? No worries. Here are some great solutions to get the look you want:

bad hair day
Get it straight
For a smooth, sleek look, try shape contouring non-sticky gel which will provide "hold" and even protect hair from heat styling. Don't expect it to iron out the curliest of locks but it will tame wavy hair into submission.

Pump up the volume
Thickening lotions (Try Redken) can plump up thin or flat locks - without any odor or sticky residue. Tip lift your hair up and away with a brush, and dry from underneath for maximum fullness.

Reduce frizz and flyaways
Negative ion emitting hair dryers (ask for Conair) claim to neutralize the "evil" positive ones responsible for your hair's unruliness.
Curl Care
Anti frizz creams (try Moisturizing Curls Shaper Anti-Frizz creme by Pantene) have a hydrating, defining effect and smooths the hair cuticle.
(Guest Post by Bertha)

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  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

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  2. Nileema10:06 AM

    Banish frizzy hair by putting a couple of drops of olive oil in dry hair.


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