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woman wondering* Some recent studies suggest that women with insufficient vitamin D intake during pregnancy may be at increased risk for birth by cesarean section.
* Another study suggests that women who get some sun during the last trimester of pregnancy may have children with stronger bones.
* Music-loving mothers-to-be may soon be able to play tunes to their unborn child, courtesy a specially designed 'baby iPod'.
* A new research indicates that women with severe mental illness are more likely to have been abused in childhood that the general population. But the same association has not been found in men
* It may be wise to trust the female nose when it comes to body odor. According to new research, it is more difficult to mask underarm odor when women are doing the smelling and researchers speculate that females are more attuned to sniff out biologically relevant information in sweat.
* Desk jobs are increasing obesity, with many employees and employers ignorant of the risks of sitting down all day; read this post as well.
* When it comes to losing weight, what you drink may be more important than what you eat, according to new research; it shows that cutting back on sugar-laden drinks is associated with weight loss and seems to have a bigger impact on weight than cutting back on solid foods. Another study suggests that replacing sugar-laden drinks with water has a dramatic impact on the amount of calories kids consume and may help in the fight against childhood obesity.
* A new research suggests that older adults who worry about their health often opt out of physical activity -- and as a result, they may have greater trouble walking and getting around as they age
* A new research has found that dancing is an excellent exercise for older people and also contributes towards improved health and happiness. The study reveals the social, mental and physical benefits of social dancing for older people and also suggests that dancing staves off illness, and even counteracts decline in aging.
* A study of 533 American women has shown that those with lead concentrations above a certain amount in their blood were three times more likely to die of coronary heart diseases.
* A new study says that tension, backbiting, and poor team spirit at the workplace may increase the risk for depression.
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  1. Dancing is a great form of exercise for all ages. My husband and I took a swing dance class and we have never laughed harder or had more fun exercising.

  2. unknown10:34 AM

    You also take Herbalife vitamins in the morning and evening, and drink a hunger-reducing tea. You should add sensible snacks throughout the day like carrots, an apple, a few baked crackers, almonds, or low calorie protein bars. Being very faithful and sticking to this program, you will notice a change in your pounds and inches within a few weeks.

  3. I like what you wrote! Some remarks on sweet drinks and obesity:
    Just look at the label of any soda to see 27 grams of sugar per 8 fl oz serving. I know a lot of people (we all know them as well), who daily drink a large bottle of Coca-Cola. 10 servings = 270 grams of sugar! That's over 800 empty calories as high fructose corn syrup! Just a little math and a little imagination to see the effects of such madness.
    I wish you that some people have grown to love the water after reading your post! It would be a few less obese people among us.


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