Cold wax review

Sometime back, I had purchased cold wax to remove superfluous hair from my legs. I don’t remember the brand, but certainly it wasn’t one of those stick and peel pre-coated cold wax strips. It was a container and the stuff inside it was in a semi-solid state. I had to purchase thin cotton strips separately for this purpose. (You could try Fantasea Non-Woven Facial & Body Wax Strips.) I spread out the wax on my legs with a spatula, pressed the cotton strips and pulled the hair off quickly in the opposite direction of hair-growth; it left my skin red and irritated and I must say it was horribly painful and hurt like hell. I did manage to remove all of the hair and my legs were hair-free for more than a month, but the whole process of waxing was very very painful and I resolved never to use store-bought cold wax again or for that matter wax my legs ever again.

Persian cold wax

Persian Cold Wax

Fantasea Non-Woven Facial & Body Wax Strips

Fantasea Non-Woven Facial & Body Wax Strips

What was your experience with cold wax or cold wax strips? Was it painful? Were you satisfied with the results? Let me know in your comments.

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  1. Pallavi9:13 AM

    They don't work. My friend tried them and hated them

  2. Anjani9:14 AM

    A hot wax is definitely better than cold! You may still get the red spots... but as your skin starts to get used to being waxed this should happen less and less within time. The hair doesn't need to be that long... maybe a weeks growth?

  3. Rachana9:23 AM

    It hurts less when pros do it, partly just because it is all over quicker. You might be getting the red dots because you're not holding the skin tight enough.
    You need to make sure your skin is stretched and taut because if it isn't when it gets pulled up by the wax it hurts more and leaves little bruises. (speaking from bitter experience...!


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