Dabur Amla hair oil:Review

I have used Dabur Vatika many times before; it’s an excellent hair oil. (Read review). In addition to coconut oil as the base oil, it has several herbs in it and it nourishes the strands very well. Knowing about the goodness of amla, I even tried their Amla Hair Oil. It’s a lighter shade of dark green and has an overpowering smell, which is a bit of downside.Dabur Amla hair oil-usage But that’s fine with me as I always massage hair oils at night and wash my hair the very next morning. It could however mess your sheets and make your pillow case to stink, so make sure you are not using brand new or expensive ones. Other than that, it’s a good product – it’s very cooling and it did impart luster and sheen to my hair.

Ingredient list: Mineral oil, veg.oil (sesame oil, canola oil, peanut oil, cottonsead oil, palmolein oil, oil extract of amla (indian gooseberry), colours & perfume and antioxidant.

Dabur Amla hair oil

Dabur Amla Hair Oil

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  1. Chinmayi10:06 AM

    ooooh sounds interesting.

  2. Smitha9:25 AM

    I just got this set as a gift. I love it..

  3. Hi, I enjoy your article. This is a nice site and I wanted to post a comment to let you know, nice job! Thanks Tammy

  4. Sarala9:46 AM

    The mild soothing natural fragrance in Dabur Amla Hair Oil gives an all day garden freshness.Dabur Amla Hair Oil is a scientific blend of the purest mineral and vegetable oils. Mixed hygienically in the correct ratio these oils nurture the scalp, give hair a luxurient glossy look, keep them silky and long, and prevent hair damage from the extremities of weather, premature graying and falling of hair. When massaged into the scalp it relaxes the mind, eases out stress and promotes sleep. It also nourishes and strengthens the hair roots.

  5. Chanakya9:47 AM

    For external application only.Individual hypersensitive to any of its ingredient should avoid usage.Keep it away from the reach of children.

  6. Anonymous2:54 PM

    wow gotta love that

  7. Saroji8:47 AM

    Nourishes the hair, thickening and darkening it at the same time.

  8. Gajanan12:27 PM

    Benefits of Oil
    Prevents hair loss
    Prevents / Cures premature graying of hair
    Hair tonic and Hair moisturizer
    Helps improve memory
    Cooling effect of the oil helps relieve stress and fatigue
    Therapeutic massage - scalp and body; encourages relaxation
    Cures dandruff
    Prevents dry scalp and flakes

  9. The water in which dried amla pieces are soaked overnight is also nourishing to hair and can be used for the last rinse while washing the hair.

  10. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Hey there! Some months back I was using this brand but I noticed that it left my scalp and hair very greasy after washing. I used Shikakai and Amla to wash the oil out, but it took me two tries to achieve successful results. :( Then I realised that it was the mineral oil causing this. Unlike coconut oil, mineral oil does not penetrate the strands, so it remains on the hair. Plus, it acts as a barrier between your hair strand and the environment, which means that whatever nourishment you're suppose to be getting from the Amla part... you aren't. :( Even my boyfriend's hair was falling so much when I massaged it into his scalp. :< Oh well. It was a good try. I've disposed of it and made a switch to coconut oil. =)



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