Ayur herbal deep pore cleansing milk:Review

Ayur herbal deep pore cleansing milk

Ayur Herbal Deep Pore Cleansing Milk.
(for all skin types)

A deep pore cleansing milk to get rid of the stickiness and grime during summer months is a must for me. I always make it a point to cleanse my face with it and also with a deep pore exfoliating face wash as soon as I reach home in the evening. I’ve used this homemade cleansing milk as well as Lakme Deep pore cleanser. But most of the time I use Ayur Herbal Deep Pore Cleansing Milk and I have found that it works well for me. With a creamy texture, it has the goodness of natural herbs like organic aloevera, emollient oils and rose water and its cleansing action gently removes deep seated dirt, sebum, sweat and make-up residue, making my face appear clean and soft. Plus, it’s quite inexpensive and costs only Rs. 36/- for 100 ml. I also use this cleansing milk before applying a mask (I use multani mitti cleansing face mask in summer.) and while removing makeup.

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  1. Karen9:59 AM

    This product gets right down into your pores and cleans out any gunk that could build up and cause blemishes.Good for any type of skin, but more so for oily skin.Use it, rinse well, dry skin, then use toner. Toner builds up your skin resiliency. To be honest, good old mild soap and water would likely work as well or better

  2. Cleansing milk helps you clean the dirt which does not get clean using a face wash or a soap, it is also very soft on the skin, it is like cleaning your face with the help of a mixture which is not harsh on the face, it really helps. Yes, it is beneficial for oily as well as for every skin type, as its primary job is to clean the face. Whereas a Toner helps to tone up your skin, however, I would suggest you to use an astringent if your skin is oily, toner is a kind of nourishment to your skin. I use Astringent because my skin is oily as well. You can try try Lakme product which is a combination of cleanser and toner. It is not too costly.

  3. Amrita8:46 AM

    You are a lovely person and this is a great post!

  4. Shruti8:16 AM

    I really love your site. Thanks for keeping me updated on all the Indian products!!

  5. Vijeta9:20 AM

    This one sounds like a very good . I shall surely like to try it out. :-)

  6. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Where can I order the Ayur products? I visited the site and there was no information. I'm in the US as well so I don't know if that complicates anything. Thank you


  7. Sorry, I don't know where it's available in the US.

  8. Sumedha11:31 AM

    It relaxes and deeply cleanses while leaving your skin soft, moisturized and free of the dry and tight feeling many cleansers may leave you with.
    Make-up is removed while your skin is soothingly exfoliated of deep seated impurities.

  9. i don't like this product, it didn't show any improvement on my skin, but made me breakout even more. I followed the instructions on the back carefully, too.
    I'm very disappointed.


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