Software to count hair?

Australian researchers have developed new software that can count hair in a patch of skin and can also help in testing the effectiveness of baldness treatments and depilatory creams. This software relies on images captured by a small flatbed scanner pressed onto the skin. Using a mathematical algorithm, the software then identifies and traces each individual hair based on an understanding of a hair's unique features, such as its relative straightness. The software is able to distinguish between hair and other features on the skin such as wrinkles, wounds or moles. To check the accuracy of the software, the researchers had to resort to the old-fashioned method of counting hair and after such a laborious and time-consuming process, the researchers were pleased to discover that the software results was almost accurate with the manual count.
(Guest post by Dhanya)
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  1. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Sounds very interesting.

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    WOW. Sounds great!

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    thanks for sharing this .


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