Energy saving fluorescent bulbs may cause skin rashes

Energy saving fluorescent bulbs may cause skin rashesIn a bid to save energy and do our bit to the environment, most of us have installed those slightly expensive, energy-saving, eco-friendly fluorescent light bulbs in our homes. But it looks like these bulbs are not as picture perfect as previously thought. A recent study has found that some of these energy-saving fluorescent bulbs (particularly those 'open' light bulbs, which are not surrounded by a glass case.) can cause reddening of the skin if used close to the body and for longer periods of time. UV radiation from these unencapsulated energy-saving bulbs can damage the skin if used closer than 30cm to the body, the experts warn. However, there is no significant risk of skin cancer from these bulbs. They also hasten to add that this is only precautionary advice and people should not be thinking of removing these energy-saving light bulbs from their homes. They further go on to say that in situations where people are not likely to be very close to the bulbs for any length of time, all types of compact fluorescent light bulbs are safe to use.

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