Mythbuster: Mixing curd and fish can cause vitiligo

Mixing curds and fish does not cause vitiligo.

Mixing curds and fish does not cause vitiligo.

Taking curds and fish together can cause leucoderma (vitiligo) – this myth has been doing the rounds for quite sometime now. If this were true, many people whose primary diet is fish, Bengalis, for instance, would show the maximum signs of patchy white skin or vitiligo. But vitiligo is seen even in vegetarians, so there is no proven connection between the two. As a matter of fact, vitiligo is caused due to the destruction of cells (melanocytes) that make the skin pigment melanin and the fact is this food combination has no such devastating effect on skin cells. So as long as one is comfortable eating such a combination, there is nothing to worry about. But if you feel that you are allergic to this particular food combination then by all means avoid it in your diet.

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