Whiten your teeth with these home-remedies

teeth whiteningDon’t we all wish we had teeth sparkling white? Whiter than fresh snow or milk? Today, thanks to advanced cosmetic and dental technologies, white teeth are no longer a fantasy. They are possible to get with or without your dentist’s help. Here’s how:

* Half a tablespoon of baking soda (soda bi-carbonate) mixed with a little water to form a paste should be gently rubbed on the teeth. This can make teeth pearly white to some extent.

* Take a tsp of lemon juice and combine it with salt to make a paste. This paste definitely helps to get rid of those yellowish stains that mar the beauty of your teeth.

* Use the inner white of an orange peel to rub teeth for a whitish shine.

* Munch fruits like apples strawberries quite often. And as mentioned in one of the previous posts, they act as nature’s own toothbrushes to cleanse and whiten your teeth. Even rubbing a slice on your teeth helps, but do remember to rinse your mouth well.

* You may even chew crunchy carrots and celery leaves. These too are natural teeth cleansers.

* Dried and powdered bay leaves (Tej patta) combined with dried and powdered lemon peel or orange peel is also an excellent teeth whitener.

* Rubbing teeth with sage leaves also helps to get rid of yellowish stains on the teeth.

* Dried and powdered neem leaves can also be used to cleanse your teeth.

* Though a most common remedy, rubbing equal quantities of table salt and soda bicarbonate lends a bright sparkle to the teeth.

* You can consider veneer treatment for serious stains.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I’m thrilled I came across this post and this site. I’m new to blogging and I already have found many valuable tips. I’ve bookmarked this site and will definitely be referring to it repeatedly.

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    WOW! These are amazing tips.

  3. Anonymous10:06 AM

    This is a very interesting post, and I will definitely take a look around your site.

  4. Which of these tips would you suggest for sensitive teeth? Most whitening products--the strips for example--really hurt my teeth.

  5. Any of these home-remedies should work for sensitive teeth. But if your teeth is too sensitive avoid the baking soda/ lemon remedy.

  6. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Interesting article. I am definitely going to try it.

  7. wow great tips :) thank you very much makes me come back to check more details.

  8. These are great tips to prevent staining of your teeth and maintaining those pearly whites.

  9. Anonymous9:29 AM

    two tablespoons of dried shredded basil to one cup (200 ml) with cold water.
    Then let it soak for ten minutes to boil, leave covered 15 minutes to cool.
    Filter the resulted liquid.
    Rinse your mouth several times per day, for at least 1 week. It helps on fresh breath and health tooth.

  10. Bharat11:17 AM

    you can try out crest white strips. they work really well.


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