Reading the right kind of book may help in losing weight

reading the right kind of books helps to lose weightSome time back, the Daily Mail had reported this interesting bit of news that reading a racy novel increases the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), which in turn helps to reduce weight. Recently a study was conducted by researchers at Duke Children's Hospital to look into the impact of literature on obese kids. Obese female kids in the age-group of 9-13 and who were already on a weight-loss program were asked to read certain books. These books mainly dealt with healthy lifestyle and weight management guidance. At the end of 6 months, the researchers found that out of the 31 girls who read such books showed a significant decrease in their BMI (Body Mass Index) when compared with 14 others who hadn’t. It is seen that the BMI increases rapidly in obese kids, which is certainly a cause for concern. And as such even a small decrease in BMI is a positive indication as it means they are they are either losing weight or getting tall and not gaining weight. And this research goes on to prove that exposure to the right kind of books can in fact have a tremendous influence on kids and goad them to lose excess weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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