Karmin Titanium Hair Straightening Iron

Karmin Titanium Hair Straightening IronThe Karmin Titanium Hair Iron takes ceramic and tourmaline and combines them with titanium for one of the most durable and beneficial hair irons on the market.

Ceramic is known for its ability to maintain an even heat distribution, producing negative ions and sealing the hairs cuticle for smooth, shiny hair.

Tourmaline works to amplify the negative ions emitted from a hair iron making the results that much smoother. Tourmaline and ceramic together work to fight frizz, static and repel humidity as well as provide you with longer lasting straightness.

Now, take these two amazing benefits and combine them with Titanium and you have the ultimate hair styling iron. The benefits of titanium in a hair straightener are that not only will you have a much stronger, longer lasting hair iron but titanium also works to enhance hydration and shine and when combined with ceramic and tourmaline, improve the overall look of your hair.

The Karmin Titanium Hair Iron also features Infrared Heat for safer heat styling as well as Ionic Technology which keeps your hairs natural oils sealed in providing moisture protection.

The Karmin Titanium Hair Straightening Iron is available in Black, Pink & Blue @ MyHairStylingTools.com

(Guest post by Erin)

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