August 1, 2008

A terrific homemade hair-pack to get shiny hair

shiny hairThis homemade hair-pack conditions as well as imparts shine and bounce to lifeless, dull hair. Start using this pack twice a week for a month before your wedding. Soon you will have shiny, breathing, voluminous hair sans dandruff. Be prepared to expect compliments galore on your D-day.
1 tsp honey
1 tbsp apple juice
1 tbsp fenugreek (methi) seeds
Mix all the ingredients and apply it on your hair. Leave for 25 minutes and then shampoo.
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  1. These are indeed some of the amazing Ingredients: for shiny hair I have ever come across. Excellent Aparna.

  2. curd .this is a simple and great makes ur hair silk and smooth

  3. Karina9:08 AM

    To give your hair some extra shine, try mixing the juice of 1 lemon with 2 cups of water and then use it as a natural hair rinse after you shampoo. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

  4. Prabhavati3:32 PM

    By rinsing your hair with cold water, the cuticles of your hair will be closed and becomes much smoother than before, making your hair to look shiny. So, there are two ways to close and make your cuticles smooth, in order to get shiny hair

  5. Narmada8:48 AM

    HAIR PACK: egg yolk + olive oil = dandruff free hair, warm olive oil = conditioned hair

  6. Savitri3:24 PM

    Use coconut oil and leave it on over night. then wash it of using coconut shampoo. And you will have the shiniest hair and supper soft. Its very cheap to buy.xx

  7. Durga3:26 PM

    put a few drops of mineral oil in your hand, add a few drops of water; the water won't mix with the oil but it slightly dampens your hair and helps it absorb the oil

  8. Champa3:26 PM

    Switching your shampoo and conditioner sometimes helps


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