The Not-So-Visible Side of Personal Grooming

 It may sound unethical and unfair, but the hard truth is that beauty is indeed skin deep. There’s a great deal of emphasis being placed on looking good, dressing well, and being groomed to your last finger nail. Style does win over substance, at least at first glance and with the first impression. And so it follows that well-groomed individuals are able to attract immediate attention and get people to take notice of them. They find it easier to prove themselves because the foundation and groundwork are laid by the way they look – that’s how important personal grooming is.

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When we talk of grooming, people generally mean the way you’re dressed from head to toe, the accessories you carry and wear, and the condition and appearance of your skin, nails and hair. But there are hidden facets to grooming that contribute to your overall appearance, aspects that are not generally known to everyone. If you think you’re not stunningly good-looking and need that extra effort to impress from the word go, here’s how these personal grooming tips can help give you the edge:

  • Walk well: The way you carry yourself is extremely important when you’re trying to make a good impression. Slouching your shoulders, dragging your feet, or adopting an ungainly stride are mannerisms that are not going to win you any points. You need to convey a positive and confident attitude without coming across as too cocky.
  • Talk technique: If appearance is the first way to impress, your communicative skills are the best way to gain an advantage. You need to speak clearly, according to the situation, without rushing your words, and intelligently. The way you talk can tell people a lot about you. Your communication skills can fill in a lot of gaps in the personal grooming department.
  • Mind manners/mannerisms: And then there’s the factor of behavior; most people are impressed with someone who’s good looking and who also communicates well. But if they keep their mouth open while eating or if they keep scratching their heads while talking, it’s going to make a negative impact, one that deducts from the initial positive appraisal. 
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So you can see how personal grooming is not a question of looks alone – the way you carry, communicate and conduct yourself are also very important for an overall positive impact. Rather than just concentrating on the visible aspects of personal grooming, it’s time to wake up and realize that there’s much more hidden beneath the skin when it comes to making an impression.

About the author:
This article is written by Kat Sanders, who regularly blogs on the topic of Physical Therapy Assistant degrees at her blog Physical Therapy Blog.

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