UNIL InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron

UNIL InfraShine Ceramic Flat IronIf you wish to style your hair from the comforts of your home and without the hassles of visiting a saloon, then you should consider buying a hair straightner. UNIL InfraShine Ceramic Flat Iron which is available at the online stores Missiko is a good choice.

The reason it is better to choose a ceramic flat iron over a metal one is that its heating time is shorter where only a few seconds are required to heat the hair straightener while knowing that your hair gets the required hair straightening. The ceramic plates on the hair straightener emit ions that help neutralize the positive ionic charges in frizzy and dry hair. With this neutralization of the charges, you soon get smooth and shiny hair. As always, you have to remember certain things and follow all the basic precautions while handling. The most important point to remember is to never use ceramic flat irons on wet hair as you might get an electrical shock. Never jerk the flat iron through your hair, run it along your hair slowly. This will also help to reduce frizz. If you sense the straightener is too hot or you smell something burning, stop using the flat iron immediately! If your hair is fragile or fine, you have to use a lower temperature setting than someone with coarse, thick hair.

As for me, this Infrashine Flat iron did a fairly good job of straightening and it also left my hair with a nice visible shine. Other features: It’s light weight, flexible and easy-to-use; heats up quickly in 5 seconds and the temperature settings are from 170-400 degrees F. On/Off Switch light pulsates when heat setting is reached. It also comes with an extra long 9 ft heavy duty UL approved cord with flexible swivel which is also very convenient.

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  1. Anonymous1:43 AM

    This straightener sounds worth trying. I love shine. http://www.myhairstylingtools.com/

  2. Mystery-girl4:07 PM

    I just bought myself a flat iron too and love it to death.

  3. I love flat irons! It just makes my hair look silky and smooth...thanks to Flat Iron Experts for offering me such a wonderful product.


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