Lakme Matteffect Icy Fresh Gel:Review

Lakme Matteffect Icy Fresh GelSummer times are horrible on oily skins but that’s no reason to skip using a moisturizer. The fine moisture and oil balance that is often disrupted by constant exposure to environmental factors is best restored by using a lightweight, water-based 'mattifier' like ‘Lakme Matteffect Icy Fresh Gel’.

It’s oil free, cool and instantly hydrates the skin. This gel restores the skin’s suppleness leaving the user’s skin feeling soft, moisturized and fresh. Gently massage it on your face and neck avoiding the undereye area and the eyes. Just perfect for oily skins and in summers.

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  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Why do so many women ignore the importance of knowing what skin type they are - so the ideal moisturizer can be used. It really does make a difference for treating the skin


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