Hip fat is actually beneficial

fat hipsIf you were always envying those lissome models with perfect figures and feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable about that little extra flab around your hips, then there’s some good news for you. A new study has come to the conclusion that subcutaneous fat around the hips is actually beneficial. It’s the visceral fat of the pot bellies that is bad and which is likely to cause type II diabetes and heart disease.

In their study, the researchers, led by C Ronald Kahn, transplanted subcutaneous fat into the bodies of some mice and visceral fat into others. They found the laboratory mice that had received subcutaneous fat ended up with lighter, leaner bodies and less insulin resistance than the animals that got visceral fat and, crucially, those that received no fat transplant at all. How subcutaneous fat exerts its positive influence remains a mystery, but Kahn suspects it secretes hormones that speed up metabolism.
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  1. Very interesting research study. Thanks for posting.


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