Tattoo removal and women

Asian woman with tattoosMany teenage girls and boys go in for a tattoo due to peer-pressure or the overwhelming desire to feel unique and different. They may go on flaunting their body-art for quite some time but after a while they start feeling that it wasn’t the best thing to do. And quite a few are motivated to get their tattoos removed. The interesting fact, however, is that more women than men are unhappy about their tattoos - in ftattoo on neckact a study ascertains this. Perhaps the social stigma attached to tattoos coupled with their own changing beliefs and attitudes makes them think so. The researchers interviewed 196 tattooed people; 130 of them were women and 66 were men. It was found that more women (69%) than men (31%) went in for tattoo removal. The reason cited by these people for wanting to get rid of their tattoos was that they had a "shift in their identities," and wanted to do away with the past.

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