Do online purchasers of contact lenses neglect healthy eye care practices?

You like to experiment with different eye colors by wearing colored contact lenses. It does something to your appearance and if you have chosen the color and tint which suits your eyes it will make you stand out from the crowd. 

So spending a few bucks on these lenses to enhance your looks is worth it. And if you do wear glasses to correct a defective vision, switching over to contact lenses might be a better idea if you intensely feel that spectacles mar your looks. 

Agreed that buying lenses online saves time and is a lot cheaper but at the same time you should be extremely wary while making purchases online and choose your sources wisely.

A recent study which researched the purchasing and eye care behaviors of contact lens wearers has found that even those who purchased online lenses, the right way by getting a prescription from an ophthalmologist were found to neglect healthy eye care practices, as recommended by their eye doctor.

testing eyes

The study pointed out that around 86% of those who purchased their lenses, the regular way from an eye doctor received a yearly comprehensive eye exam, whereas around 76% individuals who purchased their lenses via the Internet saw an eye doctor on a routine basis.

It is extremely important for contact lens wearers to constantly monitor their eye health and vision from time to time to detect and avoid complications.

Eyesight can change rapidly and frequently; wearing contact lenses with an incorrect prescription can result in eye discomfort, fatigue, blurred vision and headaches.

So, frequent eye examinations at the eye doctor’s and follow-ups after getting the lenses are a must.

Online purchasers- do take note of this fact. Go for a follow-up to ensure a proper fit of your purchased lenses and do get your eyes examined on a timely basis to prevent vision problems and to guard your precious eyesight.

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