The origin of the name ‘jeans’

Jeans and denims are quite popular with teens and 20-somethings. Ever wondered from where the name ‘jeans’ came from? Sailors from a place called ‘Genoa’ in Italy are thought to be the first users of these trousers. They used to find it very convenient because these all-purpose pants could be worn wet or dry, and their legs could easily be rolled up to wear while swabbing the deck. The name 'jeans' thus has its origin in the word 'Genoese', the name for Italian sailors of Genoa who dressed up in this thick blue fabric. The fabric was supposed to be made in Nimes, France. The material was called Serge di Nimes which was later shortened to ‘denim’. You might also want to check how jeans are made.


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    So informative post. I truly appreciate your time and efforts to get the information across to us.

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