Results of the poll

The response to the poll about email subscriptions wasn't good at all. Only a few of you showed any interest. Nevertheless I'd like to thank those e-mail readers who actually managed to spare time to cast their votes. I hope a better response from you all the next time, and I'm sure you won't disappoint me.

The results of this poll do not in any way indicate the preferences of all e-mail subscribers because only 12 of you participated in it. 7 (58%) readers preferred weekly e-mail updates while the other 5 (42%) voted for daily updates. So the verdict is in favor of 'Weekly updates'. And henceforth you all will receive a weekly notification about new posts every Wednesday.

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  1. I didn't respond to the poll because I check this blog several times a week when I open it with all my other bookmarked blogs in tabs :)

  2. Hi Caitlin...that's very nice of you. Keep visiting and coomenting. :)


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