Lanolin Cleansing Cream

applying cleansing creamwashing faceTo freshen up your face after a hot, humid day and cleanse it thoroughly, you need to apply a cleansing cream. A simple recipe for preparing an herbal cleansing cream is mentioned in that post. A still simpler, convenient and an inexpensive way to feel fresh and rid your face of all the gunk and grime is to wash it with this homemade face wash which is prepared with most of the ingredients from your kitchen pantry. Trust me, the fresh, clean feeling that you get after using this is akin to or even better than some of those expensive, over-hyped creams. Given below is another recipe for preparing your own cleansing cream.

Lanolin Cleansing Cream


2 tablespoons of Vaseline (petroleum jelly)
1 tablespoon lanolin
5 tablespoon olive oil
3 tablespoon vegetable oil (preferably coconut oil)
½ cup distilled water (around 20-30 tbsp)


Melt lanolin and oil using the double boiling method. Boil distilled water and add this hot water slowly stirring continuously all the while. Remove from heat and beat the mixture well. You can preserve this cream in the refrigerator for upto 1 month.

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  1. Yogita2:12 PM

    Cleansing cream gently dissolves dirt from your skin. Cleansing cream remove make-up and providing comfortable.Cleansing cream ,use regularly with circular motions and after that rinse your face with lukewarm water.e.g. Glycerin cleansing cream:Take equal quantity of lemon juice and glycerin. Mix both ingredients and form a paste. Cleansing cream is ready for use.

  2. Jatin8:40 AM

    On a cold morning, it’s easy to hop in the hot shower and wash your face with some scalding goodness. But it’s no good for your face! Anytime you wash your face (I’m supposed to do it day and night) you should use cool or lukewarm water, otherwise you risk breaking blood vessels in your face (ick!). And although it may not be visible, you could be doing damage without even knowing it.


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